Picture of Polished Concrete Fire Pit Table
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I thought I'd do a quick instructable of my latest creation, im not going to go into major details as there's loads of polishing concrete instructables to read out there but here it is.

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Step 1: Make the mould

Picture of Make the mould
I made my mould out of old bits of wood i had laying around, i also counter sunk some dents in it and placed marbles on it, I also put crushed slate, big rocks off the beach, sea shells and other bits of glass and stuff on it which make the finish poduct better in my opinion, the four pieces of wood are bits of Oak
EdithB219 days ago

What did you use to mold the diameter? We're looking into doing a round one for our firepit as well. About a 36" inside diameter and about 50" outside diameter.

skiedra4 months ago
absolutely amazing and well documented!!
hughesw22 years ago
Love the project. How much did it all cost start to finish?
capricorn3 years ago
I do like that a lot, tell me, what is the metal bowl in which you are burning your wood?

Is is a simple bowl (like the one you find at IKEA) or has it to be somehow special?

Thanks for sharing :)
abitdifferent (author)  capricorn3 years ago
Thanks, it's just a normal fire pit, I think I bought it from B&Q or something for about £50, I sprayed it with fire resistant paint though, thanks again
PS1183 years ago
What tools and abrasives and stuff do you need to polish concrete?
abitdifferent (author)  PS1183 years ago
I used a wet polisher, give it a quick google there's loads of info, there are other ways of polishing concrete which may be more suitable to you
blkhawk3 years ago
Great project! A fire pit is a great way to gather with friends and family.