Step 4: Spray Firepit, Seal Conctrete, Varnish The oak

Not quite in that order as you can see from the pics, my firepit was old so I rubbed it down and sprayed it
<p>What did you use to mold the diameter? We're looking into doing a round one for our firepit as well. About a 36&quot; inside diameter and about 50&quot; outside diameter. </p>
absolutely amazing and well documented!!
Love the project. How much did it all cost start to finish?
I do like that a lot, tell me, what is the metal bowl in which you are burning your wood? <br> <br>Is is a simple bowl (like the one you find at IKEA) or has it to be somehow special? <br> <br>Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks, it's just a normal fire pit, I think I bought it from B&amp;Q or something for about &Acirc;&pound;50, I sprayed it with fire resistant paint though, thanks again
What tools and abrasives and stuff do you need to polish concrete?
I used a wet polisher, give it a quick google there's loads of info, there are other ways of polishing concrete which may be more suitable to you
Great project! A fire pit is a great way to gather with friends and family.

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