Hi, this is a mixture of a few instructables I've seen over the past few weeks, I wont go into it in great detail because there's loads of different instructables on polishing concrete, I'll do a few steps as 've taken some photo's anyway Click HERE to see more work

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Step 1: Step 1: Make the Mould

When making your mould just try to imagine what its going to weigh when its done because it was abit of a struggle to move around and its not that big. The steel is just part of an old fence that I used as reinforcing and doubled up as a handle too (I regret that bit and will probably cut it off) 
     When you're at this stage it's time to add any crushed glass or coins or fibre optics etc. I put crushed glass in with as many colours as i could find, I used spray adhesive to stick it to the mould, I also smashed all the glass myself but you can buy it off ebay if you want
The only other thing i will mention is that if you are putting glass in then you dont need to use melamine because spray adhesive makes it pointless, you can use any old bits of wood but not too rough grain or the concrete will stick
Doesnt explain how to do the fiber optics
are you a southpaw? ;)
How did you make the guitar-shaped part of the mold? It looks like several stacked pieces of plywood, so did you just trace around the guitar and cut them out? How much space did you allow for the lining material (cowhide)?
This is awesome! Can I ask what guitar that is? It's a beauty.
It says 'Tanglewood' on the label if that's any help.
Found it! Thanks!
Well spotted, it's a Tanglewood TFC-E lefty
I love what you've done! How did you install the fibre optics and get them working?
Thanks, they were fairly easy to install, although i regret not putting more in, the photo doesn't do it justice and i think there's 30 strands all together, I used .25mm but i also wish I'd used .75and if i was to do another i'd d at least 90m strands, I was originally using a light box with 2 colour change LED's but they weren't bright enough so in the end I just went with yellow RGB LED's,
this looks great!
I thank you

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