Introduction: Polishing Pennies

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Polishing pennies is an easy and fun thing to do. You only need a few items to make your pennies shine bright.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You will need:
- About ten pennies
- One empty nonmetallic bowl
- One bowl half filled with water
- One cup of vinegar
- One tsp of salt
- A few sheets of paper towel
- Water
- Nonmetal spoon

Step 2: Mixing

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First add the vinegar to the empty bowl
Then mix in the salt
Lastly put the pennines in the mixture ( the pennies can't not be on top of each other but they can be touching each other sides)

While they're setting you then you can add a pinch of extra salt on the top

Step 3: Waiting

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Leave the pennies in the mixture for about a minute then flip the pennies then leave the pennies in the mixture for thirty seconds to a minute

Mix the pennies together and then scoop up the pennies and put them in the water making sure there is no vinegar in the spoon while you are switching the pennies

Step 4: Drying

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Fold the paper towel in a square
Then transfer the pennies onto the paper towel
Let them dry for as long as it takes
You now have about ten shiny pennies to impress your friends with with

( you might have to dip the pennies in the mixture a few times)


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Shinny pennies may lead to your friends obsessing and or steeling your pennies


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