Picture of Polishing the wife's headlights
My wife was complaining that seeing whilst night driving was getting difficult. ends up these new fangled plastic headlights fog up with time. So here's the fix. I decided to do my headlights at the same time.

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Step 1: Clean the headlights.

Wash them really really good with a mixture of detergent, water and your wife's wedding dress, any old detergent will do, I used dish soap.

Step 2: Now run to the auto parts store

Picture of Now run to the auto parts store
And pick up a bottle of headlight polish. Yeah I had no idea such a thing existed. Follow the label directions and use a clean grit free rag.

Step 3: And if you're lucky, you are done.

Picture of And if you're lucky, you are done.
But if you are not lucky, and your headlights are to far gone like my Fjord's, you'll need more drastic measures.

Step 4: What you'll need, and what to do

Picture of What you'll need, and what to do
a bucket of soapy water, some 800+1500 grit sand paper, electric drill, buffing wheel and Brasso.

Items not shown cuz I did this a while back

Dip the 800 grit sand paper into the soapy water and start wet sanding the headlights in a circular motion, be sure to keep dipping the paper into the water. Do this until you get bored. Wash with clean water

Then step up to the 1500 grit, repeat.

Chuck a cheap cotton buffing wheel into your electric drill, and pour the Brasso into a shallow dish. Dip the buffing wheel into the brasso, and then start buffing the headlight, keep the wheel moving, you don't want to stay in anyone spot too long, and keep refreshing the brasso on the wheel, don't let it dry out. When you get really board with this, give up, no use being a darned fool about it.

At this point take a clean rag and wash the brasso off with the soapy water. Wipe everything dry. NOW use the plastic polish and, maybe you headlight will look better.

Now do the otherside.

personally i had great results with the 99 cent store foaming glass and area cleaner and toothpaste. rubbed in with circular motions
cityboy8 years ago
Toothpaste also works.
does it have to have the grit in it?
gripes6 years ago
chrome polish works just as well if you have some laying around. you can also polish your door handles while youre at it!
Helmut1187 years ago
Helmut118 Don't forget to seal/protect the plastic lens with a light coat of clear acrylic spray paint or the suns UV will negate your efforts in no time. Cheap trick
jacobsmach8 years ago
The easy way to do this is with self-polishing floor wax. You will be surprised how well this works. Clean the headlight, wipe the wax on with a paper towel, and let it dry. You're done! Self-polishing floor wax is tough stuff. Heck, it's meant to be walked on. If you don't like it, or you want to renew the coating, just remove the wax with some ammonia.
okto8 years ago
Ohm8 years ago
On side marker lights I have used car wax to get them to shine again, it essentially fills in the light scratches that make the lenses look dull.
ironlizard8 years ago
Also brasso, it says right on the can that it works for plastic watch crystals, this is no different.
hay_jumper8 years ago
Best Title Evar!
nobody8 years ago
Sexual innuendo?
ARVash nobody8 years ago
Free game for married ppls :P
trebuchet038 years ago
I've seen chrome polish work very well too ;) I used 3M Finesse It III and an orbital -- I was polishing the car anyway :P --- Excellent results :)