These bucket/baskets would be perfect for a family or neighborhood Easter egg hunt. I made this one for my daughter to give to one of her friends. The bucket/basket is made from a 5 quart ice cream container and other items I had at home. Because I had them, I used pre-cut foam circles for the dots. If I did not have foam circles, I would have tried to cut my own or use an alternate item, maybe milk lids for the dots. I used tacky glue to make the project kid friendly. The edges on the dots needed to be pressed down until the glue began to dry to get them to stay flat. If I tried this project again, I would use a different type of glue.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


5 quart plastic ice cream bucket
Foam scrap ~3" x 4"
~17  1 1/4" foam circles, assorted colors
printed letter template

tacky glue
masking tape


Computer and Printer
Exacto knife
Ball point Pen

Perfect craft for Easter!

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