Picture of Polka dots and Hearts Nails
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I hope you enjoy this cute nail design.
Wear them for Valentines Day or just
to show off.

Step 1: Step One-

Picture of Step One-
What you need:
1.Red polish
2.White polish
3.Clear polish
5.Bobby pin
i did just dots using a bobby pin
um the dots look bad u should work on it look at my tutorial
malibini2 years ago
I made an instructible like this, but when I look at it there's codes and something that said "Excuse me, but that was very impolite!" even if i dont type ANYTHING!!!! WHATS GOING ON?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ashbegash (author)  malibini2 years ago
Thats odd!
will do this!
Nice (:
really cute and girly!
ashbegash (author) 3 years ago
Please vote for me on the valentines day contest! :)
Nice idea to use a bobby pin! Beautiful nails!
Jane103 years ago
it's so beautifull!!
Suzysauce3 years ago
Thanks for the valentines idea! The bobby pin worked great.
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ashbegash (author)  Suzysauce3 years ago
I really like what you added too! :)
ashbegash (author)  Suzysauce3 years ago
They look great! Glad you liked it!
Very cute. I like that you use a bobby pin - that's a great idea. :)
bongo girl!3 years ago