Picture of Polka dots and Hearts Nails
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I hope you enjoy this cute nail design.
Wear them for Valentines Day or just
to show off.

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Step 1: Step One-

Picture of Step One-
What you need:
1.Red polish
2.White polish
3.Clear polish
5.Bobby pin

Step 2: Step two-

Picture of Step two-
Paint a base coat of clear polish then paint the
thumb,middle,and pinky fingers a solid red.

Step 3: Step Three-

Picture of Step Three-
Then, paint the pointer,and ring fingers two coats
of white polish.

Step 4: Step Four-

Picture of Step Four-
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Take the bobby pin and stretch it. I use this
as a dotting tool because I don't have a real one.

Step 5: Step Five-

Picture of Step Five-
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Use the bobby pin and dip it in the white
polish.On the thumb set two blobs of polish next to each other and use
the pin or toothpick and bring it down to make a heart.

Step 6: Step Six-

Picture of Step Six-
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Use the other side of the bobby pin and dip it in 
the red polish. On your white nails dot red dots a few
times all over. Do the same with your red nails and
dot white all over.

Step 7: Step Seven-

Picture of Step Seven-
When completely dry,paint a coat of clear
polish to seal in the design.

Step 8: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
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I hope you have enjoyed this nail design!
Tell me what you think by commenting.
 Thanks! =)
i did just dots using a bobby pin
um the dots look bad u should work on it look at my tutorial
malibini2 years ago
I made an instructible like this, but when I look at it there's codes and something that said "Excuse me, but that was very impolite!" even if i dont type ANYTHING!!!! WHATS GOING ON?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ashbegash (author)  malibini2 years ago
Thats odd!
will do this!
Nice (:
really cute and girly!
ashbegash (author) 3 years ago
Please vote for me on the valentines day contest! :)
Nice idea to use a bobby pin! Beautiful nails!
Jane103 years ago
it's so beautifull!!
Suzysauce3 years ago
Thanks for the valentines idea! The bobby pin worked great.
Photo on 2012-02-04 at 23.58.jpg
ashbegash (author)  Suzysauce3 years ago
I really like what you added too! :)
ashbegash (author)  Suzysauce3 years ago
They look great! Glad you liked it!
Very cute. I like that you use a bobby pin - that's a great idea. :)
bongo girl!3 years ago