Polo Shirt With EL Wire and Felt Oversized Logo





Introduction: Polo Shirt With EL Wire and Felt Oversized Logo

So, I was going to a concert and wanted something fun to wear. I look the artist logo and made it oversized and sewed it on a polo shirt and trimmed it with EL wire. Everyone should wear a shirt like this once.

Please excuse me for the blurriness and lack of pics in some steps, I did not originally document it for an instructable.

A polo style shirt
Felt by the yard
Newspaper or kraft paper
Sewing machine and thread
EL wire with battery packs

Cutting the pattern on paper and felt
I drew the logo onto kraft paper with a pencil then went over it with a black marker. It took a few tries, then I cut it out. I then pinned it on the yard of felt and cut it out.

Sewing the logo on the shirt
Pin the felt onto the polo. Using a straight stitch, sew the felt logo onto the shirt.

Sew the EL wire on to the felt
Decide where you will be using the EL wire to trim the logo. Using the finished tip, the one that does not connect to the battery pack. Lay the EL wire on to the felt, use the sewing machine foot to hold the wire in place, using a wide zigzag stitch sew the wire onto the garment. If you do not want it to show where it will intersect, make an incision in the fabrics and bring the EL wire into the side of the garment that touches the body. Then, make another incision and bring it out where you need it. Make sure the battery packs end up on the side at bottom, so you can place them in your pocket, for easier wear.

Put it on, light it up and enjoy!!



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Where do you get EL Wire? Awesome Tut btw

Great shirt! Everyone will be wearing lighted clothing soon, it's the wave of the future. Thanks for the Patch!

Awesome. A huge step up from using some markers on a white tee, which was always my band t-shirt of choice.