Introduction: Polyamide Prototype

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Orange poly lactic acid version was in production but one motor in printer has stopped working, 'We're still having delays with this I'm afraid, I have just chased this up again to try and get more of an update on this'.

72 cube version designed....

Step 1: 72 Cube Version

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No functioning printer at the moment.

Step 2: Eternal Knot 3D Printed Hollow 21 Cube Lamp

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MarkD207 (author)2016-05-22

Bottom view.

MarkD207 (author)2016-05-21

Switched off. 60mm prototype. Made with help from i.materialise.

MarkD207 (author)2016-05-19

60mm prototype

MarkD207 made it! (author)2016-04-26

Orange version poly lactic acid. Printer out of order.

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