Polygon Candle





Introduction: Polygon Candle

Cast this simple candle in a geometric paper mould

Step 1: This Is What You Need

For this instructable you will need the following:



Clear spray paint

A pan

A heat proof jar or can. We used an old glass jar but you can use a tin can

Some old candle stumps or broken candles. You can also buy candle granulate.

Candle dye or oil paint

Some wick

A computer and a printer

A stove or heater

A bowl of sand, rice or anything that can work as a stand for the mould

Step 2: Prepare Your Mould

First of all you need to make a mould out of paper.

We borrowed the templates from minieco and their paper gems. Check them out!

We printed the shape we liked on a paper that was a bit thicker than ordinary printer paper and then followed the minieco guide at their webpage to fold it. As an extra measure we taped all the joints and folds and then cut a hole in the bottom.

In the hole we spray painted the inside to seal the paper and eventual leaks.

Step 3: Prepare the Wick

Then we made a small hole for the wick, and threaded it trough, securing it with tape.

We then placed it in the bowl with some old lentils for stability. The entire mould will get very hot so it's impossible to hold it while pouring the melted candles later.

Step 4: Melting Time!

To melt the candle scraps we put the pan on the heater with some water in it. In the water we then placed the glass jar with candles. DON'T melt the candles directly in the pan because it can catch fire if it get too hot!

When the candles started to melt we added a little blue oil paint to dye the candle.

When everything had melted we gently poured the candle mass into the mould. Then we let it cool down, it takes a few hours, and then you can peal of the paper mould. We had some leakage but the final candle was OK.



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that is very cool i would want that in my house

Very nice! Made it myself.

Note to everyone trying this. DO NOT USE FOOD COLOURING.

Food colouring is water based and won't mix with the candle wax. Upon unwrapping i spilled all the food colouring which sunk to the bottom and it stained everything around me. =(

Nice molding skills.

Now that's a candle I want in my house!