Step 8: Phase VII - Paint, Polish, and DONE!

For this phase, you will need:

- Acrylic paint for highlights and shading.

- Fine brushes, naturally.

- Whatever else your wild imagination wishes to incorporate. Perhaps a protective sealant? Maybe a loose band of elastic around the inside or small loops through which to hook bobby-pins to help hold the wig in place if it shifts around a lot?

- Perhaps even spirit gum for the wig's hairline! (Spirit gum is an adhesive used in professional costuming, like for sticking latex scars to one's skin.)

1)   Paint in the missing texture details, primarily individual hair strands upon the spikes.

2) Try your new wig on, secure it, and Good Luck!!! :-)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you may even find it useful. I'm sorry if I over explained simple things, but I would like if new papercrafters could follow this as well as seasoned ones. Projects like this are what I learned papercraft designing for in the first place, and that took me years without a mentor. And I still feel like a novice at it.

I also apologize for not including pictures with all of the steps. I put over 30 hours into creating this tutorial, and simply ran out of time. If you would like to see this wig finished, I will upload more photos separately within in a day or two. Thank you so much for your patience.