Polygon Polar Bear Paper Craft





Introduction: Polygon Polar Bear Paper Craft

paper craft of polar bear.

Step 1: Cut

Print and Cut by hands with PDF or Cut by a cutting machine like craft robo with DXF file.

Cut Setting is blade out 3 , thickness 15 , the speed 10.

Step 2: Construction

Dashed line ( - - - - ) is cage mountain , since the dot-dash line (ー・ー・ー)is valley , from doing it with a fold line , go by laminating the overlap part .You may use the glue.

Step 3: Complete!


And you can paint colors , draw a face ...

Arrange as you like!



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    2 Discussions

    Hi!! how we know where to paste the pieces? I mean, in other models there ares ome numbers that guide you to know it. Thanks

    What a fun looking bear!