Step 4: Fill and Bake

Fill the pendant with polymer clay. Place a plastic bag over the pendant and use a rolling pin to roll out the excess clay. Place the drill bit into the drilled hole while you fill it.

Bake the pendant following the instructions for the clay.
I love that you used a file folder. There are so many of those deserted at my work.
Love the look of this one, sort of modern. Does the clay bake to a shiny finish, or did you polish it more after baking?
And he does it again!
Gosh this pendant is really classy
Wonderfull idea! Thanks for posting it. <br>
Very very nice. I really liked that you got the metal part from a file divider, that's a big high-five for taking something ordinary and making it into something beautiful.
Inspired I am.<br>There is so much crap (material) that is thrown out where I work that I have pendants dancin' in my head.<br>Good pictures, to-the-point instructions.<br>Top Notch, Yo.
Fantastic. Beautiful piece, easy instructions, and wonderful upcycling!
Nice 'ible. Very simple in practice, but kudos for getting the metalwork part done so easily, and for recylcing used things :)<br><br>Cheers,<br>Daniel
I think you forgot in the &quot;Needed&quot; items list:<br>Soldering paste, silver solder and a heat source.<br><br>And kind sir, once again you came up with something astoundingly beautiful and simply elegant with common &quot;ordinary&quot; things.<br><br>
Thanks and fixed.
Very simple, but effective.
Very cool. You have an amazing imagination! I love the result. ;)

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