Greetings one and all!

This is a simple tutorial on how to make polymer clay (or icing if the mood takes you) Candy Canes

Step 1: Ingredients!

The above image shows the items I used to make the canes you see in this tutorial, mouse over the image to get a better idea of what is optional and what is not.

Polymer Clay:
I used a red Fimo Effects and a translucent Premo Accents for the main cane, the translucent clay adds a touch of realism to the cane, you can however use pretty much any colour you want and I seriously recommend you experiment with colours.

I use various razor blades but for this project you can use pretty much any kind of knife including plastic ones if you are doing this with children.

Necklace, earings and ribbon:
Depending on what you plan to do with your canes you will need other bits n pieces, the ribbon can be used to good effect if you want to hang them off a tree.
Cute. These would look darling hanging on a miniature Christmas tree. Or you could poke a little hole from side to side and string them on cording with knots to make a candy cane necklace.
An excellent idea! Thank you for the feedback btw =)
Love these! Thank you. I needed a way to get lots of mini candy canes. My red stripes were too thick and were taking over the entire thing. So I rolled out a little white strip to make it look separate. Worked out great!

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