It started with an instructable for creating polymer clay bears to decorate jars of honey (Polymer Clay Bear Honey Jar Holder Gifts), and then expanded to even more gifts - Christmas Ornaments and a bookend.  I asked some of my friends for their favorite Superhero and attempted to recreate them. 

List of Bears in this Instructable

Ornament Bear 1: Captain America
Ornament Bear 2: Batman
Ornament Bear 3: Superman
Ornament Bear 4: Wonder Woman
Ornament Bear 5: Hulk
Ornament Bear 6: Mystic
Ornament Bear 7: Spiderman

Created Green Lantern, Flash, and Raven later.


Fimo Polymer Clay - I used white, tan/brown, green, fluorescent (for glow in the dark effect), red, translucent yellow, black and various other colors.  From Joanne's (on sale for $1 each)

clay machine (or rolling pin) - From Joanne's (on sale for $9)

Acrylic paint - very small amount for painting after baking. From Hobby Lobby

Clay tools - I mostly use the one with the tapered ends and the needle point tools.  From Hobby Lobby.

Ball tools - large ones bought from Michaels. Smaller ones are dotting tools used for nails and bought from amazon.

Varthane Polyurethane High Gloss - From Amazon

Wire - to create hanging pins for ornaments.  From Joanne's.  An eye pin would have worked better but I didn't have any on hand.

Step 1: Captain America Bear

Follow Step 1: Basic Bear Instructions to create the basic bear but don't add the ears, eyes, or arms yet.

Create Mask -

Roll a piece of blue clay through the clay machine on a thin setting.

Taking a circular cutter, cut a small round piece of the clay.

Trim a small rectangular piece from the circle of blue clay and add it to the head.
The cut out rectangular piece should sit around the muzzle.

Take small pieces of the blue clay and cover the entire head. Smooth the clay with your thumbs.

Using a small ball tool, create two small holes for the eyes through the blue mask.  Add the ears and the eyes to the bear head.

Roll a very small piece of white clay and cut into 3 long pieces. Use the three pieces to shape an A and add it to the front of the helmet.

Body -

Cut a thin rectangular piece of blue clay and add it to the top of the body only. Blend the seams with your thumb.

Run a piece of white clay and then a piece of red clay through the clay machine on a fairly thin setting.

Cut the white clay into a rectangular piece to fit the bottom half of the body but don't add it to the body yet.

Cut the red clay into thin rectangular pieces and add it the the retangular white clay to make stripes.  Trim overhanging edges.

Add the striped piece to the bottom half of the body.

Arms and feet -

Roll a small piece of blue clay into a cylinder. Roll small piece of red clay and add it to one end fo the blue cylinder piece.
Roll the two pieces gently to connect the hand to the arm.

Using an exacto knife, add fingers to the red hands. Add the arms to the body.

Roll 2 pieces of blue clay into a ball. Flatten one side of the ball to make feet and add it to the body. Taking an exacto knife, cut 2 lines to make the toes.

Pin -

Take a piece of wire and create a loop at one end (if you don't have an eye pin). Insert the wire through the entire body and bend the tip at the bototm of the body (so the wire does not pull out).

Bake and Glaze.  Refer to Step 1: Basic Bear Instructions for notes on baking and glazing.
<p>Im gonna make this for my wife and save it to give to her for when she is mad at me..thanks!!!</p>
LOL who can resist Captain America!
Cool! I love the avengers
Do you sell these by any chance? I am hopeless at clay crafting. :-)
One day when I can afford a better clay machine, then I can try to sell them! Thank you!!!
Just plain awesome. <br>

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