Making realistic polymer clay  cakes is ridiculously fun and easy. Once you learn a few basic tricks you can do pretty much anything you've always wanted to eat (but please, don't eat them!). They make great gifts and dollhouse decorations, and they're sure to surprise your friends.

I'm going to teach you the basics to polymer clay cake making, and a few ideas to decorate them. I'm uploading some of my best cakes for inspiration, but going to your favorite cake store is also highly recommended. This is a very addictive activity, I hope you'll enjoy it and if you need tips please let me know! I'm always glad to help.

This instructable will cover:
  • How to get a realistic translucent cake. Not opaque or chalky.
  • How to make a realistic cake texture.
  • How to decorate your cake with fondant, icing, etc.
  • How to pipe polymer clay.
I'm also including the cutting template and scale conversion table that I made because I hate uneven slices of cake. Please feel free to download it, print it and use it as much as you want, it works for many other projects too. Just please don't redistribute it.

Step 1: Clay and Tools


  1. Translucent clay. I use Sculpey III Translucent No. 010
  2. Pale yellow clay. I use Sculpey III Sunshine No. 1274 *
  3. Clay in many colors for fondant, icing, decorations, etc.
  4. Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS).
  5. Sculpey Clay Softener (not pictured). If you're going to pipe the clay, softener makes it easier.
* Note: Sunshine was recently discontinued, but there's a color in Premo that's also called Sunshine and it looks pretty much the same. I haven't tried it yet.

  1. A rolling pin or pasta machine.
  2. A round cutter. Mine's diameter is 4 cm.
  3. Blades. For cakes I like to use a tissue blade, razor blade and straight utility knife blade.
  4. Toothpicks and needles. Look for pointy ones! Pointy needles and toothpicks achieve a better texture.
  5. (Not pictured) Icing nozzles. I buy icing nozzles from my cooking store because they're cheap and easy to use, some people prefer to use a clay extruder... but in my opinion, what better way to make realistic pipping than with a real icing nozzle?
<p>This is fantastic! In Step 5, you made a minor error. It says, &quot;...and I can ow hold anything without squishing it.&quot; I might try this sometime.</p>
<br> http://www.10besthomeremedies.com/kale-chane-ki-biryani/
<p>Thank you for this! Here's my first attempt at mini cakes! This was so easy and addicting! I totally want to make more now and will be! </p>
<p>i love reading all this! What is your ratio to making chocolate cake or even marbled colours, and I really look forward to seeing chocolate shavings, nuts, hundreds and thousands etc.</p>
You're cool!<br>Please make a lot of things like this!<br>I will vote for you! ?
<p>Hi, you get a very good step by step tutorial.<br> Allow you to showcase your work?<br> http://world-of-jewelry.ru/shop/</p>
I love this&lt;3
<p>You mentioned that you were going to make a tutorial on the nuts, fruits, chocolate shavings, etc. When will that be? I would like to read it.</p>
<p>Thank you! that was really helpful! I've been trying to figure out the cake texture for quite a while.</p>
Thanks so much for the share :-)
<p>thank you for sharing that info.!!</p>
Hi :) I just had to let you know how much I appreciate this tutorial!!! The scale pdf is amazing! I'm a beginner in polyclay and I love tiny things :) You are so talented and I hope you keep creating mini food and tutorials! Your instructions were the most detailed of any others I've seen and THAT is exactly what I was looking for...THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please, keep teaching:)
Wow, these are awesome! :D they look realistic enough to use for my pranks! (Not that I would though... ^.^')
<p>These cakes look incredible!</p>
I just tried out your texturizing technique on a piece of scrap clay and it works amazingly! Thanks!
<p>Awesome tutorial - you cleared up some of those &quot;extra&quot; that make the cake look so much better. I never thought to bake the slices first. Thanks for sharing your secrets! </p>
This is really cool thanks. when i first saw the picture i thought why is a baking instuctable here when i searched for polymer clay. :)
I love this tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets! I was just wondering, what do you do to the bottoms of your cakes? Fondant? Plain? Paint them so they looked like baked cake? Thanks!
Thank you soooo much for your post! It inspired me alot!
WOW these are fantastic!
What do you mean by 20 parts of TLS?
20 parts of translucent clay, not translucent liquid sculpey (TLS). Measure 20 parts of translucent clay and 1 part of sunshine, mix them together.
Oh! Okay lol I got confused :P
Really awesome instructable...I tried to make some myself and this was the result...not quite like yours but I'm making progress.<br><br>If you would like to see more of my models check out my blog:<br> aandr-design.blogspot.com
They look wonderful already! Great job, I'm sure you'll only get better each time :D thank you so much for showing me!
The cakes are AWESOME!!!<br>just one question:<br>can I use silicone for the frosting? I want to try it first before buying it :)
Thank you!!<br>You can use silicone for the frosting, just make sure you don't bake it again after frosting it. Silicone does weird things in the oven, and I'm not even sure if it's safe to bake it.
These. Are. Amazing. They look so real i just want to eat them!
Thanks! That was my goal, so I'm glad I succeeded!
Can i eat 'em? Great Job!
Thank you! :)
Ahhhh so you entered didn't you Talty? Good Luck!!!!!!!!!<br> <br> (Shipokun)
Thank you!! I did enter and luckily I won one of the first prizes, I'm so happy!!
hehehehehe I know you would!!<br><br>Its a pity they dont sell polymer clay at my hometown
that's a pity, I know I would cry if they didn't' sell it here :( can you buy it online?
yesss!!!!!!!<br><br>Just ordered a few!
CONGRATULATIONS! I knew you would place! Enjoy your booty!
good luck.. wow my baker friend would love this idea
Thank you!! hehe I'm glad it could interest bakers :D it's fun to make!
Super cute cakes! And a great tutorial as well. I need some polymer clay at once!
Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the tutorial and my cakes, I hope you'll find the clay and have fun with it!<br>
WOW. You are one gifted person. Good luck in the contest. I voted for you.
Thank you for everything! I appreciate your nice words, the good wishes and the vote! :D They all help me a lot!
Looks so real.<br /> This cake is <em>totally</em> a lie.<br />
That's my goal! Making it as real as possible.<br><br>The cake is a lie!!! Oo
WEll, you did accomplish your goal! This is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!
That makes me so happy! Thanks for reading my instructable, and you are welcome!
I loved the sandwiches! Did you enter this into the contest? You should! The clay<br>Contest.
I did! But it hasn't been accepted yet, I suppose I'll have to wait until Monday.

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