Looking for the perfect candy heart for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Don't waste time searching through candy bags! Instead, use polymer clay and image transfers to make your own customized conversation hearts.


* Polymer Clay: Small amounts of several pastel colors. Here's the formulas I used to match the colors of the Necco brand candy hearts. (White refers to a 2:1 mix of Premo white and UltraLight; all other colors are by Premo.)
        Yellow heart: 1 part Cadmium Yellow; 4 parts white
        Orange heart: 1 part Orange; 7 parts white
        Green heart: 1 part Green; 7 parts white
        Pink heart: 1 part Fuchsia; 1/4 part Cadmium Yellow; 5 parts white
        Purple heart: 1 part Purple; 1/2 part UltraMarine Blue; 6 parts white
* Tools: Scissors, needle tool or toothpick, stiff-bristled paintbrush, clay knife
* Color laser printer or color copier
* Rubbing alcohol
* Corn starch or baby powder
* Candy heart (optional)
* Amazing Mold Putty (optional)

Step 1: Make a Candy Heart Mold (Optional)

If you have one of the real candies, you can use it and Amazing Mold Putty to make a mold. Just follow the instructions on the mold putty package. (I've also got some mold-making tips here.) Note: Mold the blank side of the heart, unless you actually want to copy the texture from the words.

Allow the mold to set. Once it's ready, press a 1/4 teaspoon ball of clay into the mold. Use a scraper tool or a clay knife to remove excess clay from the back. Pop the heart out and correct any molding flaws.

If you don't want to make a mold, you can easily hand-form the heart based on a real candy heart (or a photo of one).
I feel like there should be some sort of warning with these.. young children and many adults could easily mistake these for the candy.. <br>
Fantastic! Thanks for giving color ratios. :D

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