Introduction: Polymer Clay Kawaii Cookie

This is a really cute creation to make and it is very simple! It is also my first tutorial!! Enjoy!

Step 1: Getting Prepared

You will need a fairly big amount of bronze clay, a smaller amount of dark brown clay, and a even smaller amount of white clay.

Step 2: Making the Base

Take your ball of bronze clay and flatten it into a pancake.

Step 3: Chocolate Chips

Take your dark brown clay and roll it into little balls.

Step 4: Construction!

Now you start placing the chocolate chips on the cookie and lightly press them in the base.

Step 5: Eyes

Separate your ball of white clay into 2 equal balls of clay.

Step 6: Press the Eyes

Now lightly press the eyes into the cookie. Mine were a little too big.

Step 7: Pupils

Now take some of your dark brown clay and roll them into 2 tiny balls for the pupils.

Step 8: Pans

Now find a good pan for your clay. ( if it is oven bake )

Step 9: Oven

Bake your cookie according to instructions on package.

Step 10: Mouth

Now that it is hard we can add details! With paint pens or sharpies you can draw on a mouth!

Step 11: Optional: Glaze

Now if you want to glaze your cookie you may. I am only going to glaze the eyes and mouth so the cookie looks more realistic. Now you are finished please comment ( no haters ),favorite, and tell all your friends! Thanks!


Lily Tran AREA made it! (author)2014-08-23

Where did you buy the bronze clay?

pickle25257 made it! (author)2013-05-27

No prob!

porcupine24253 made it! (author)2013-05-27


pickle25257 made it! (author)2013-05-27

So cute kaitlyn!!!!

porcupine24253 made it! (author)2013-05-27

Hey hope you like the tutorial

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