Polymer Clay Notebook Paper Ornament





Introduction: Polymer Clay Notebook Paper Ornament

This polymer clay notebook paper ornament is SUPER easy to make and is the perfect way to display memories on your tree!  It would also make a really cute gift tag...especially on a teacher's gift!

Step 1:

white polymer clay
playing card
x-acto knife or steel blade (like shown in the picture)
small round cutter or straw
ultra fine point sharpies in blue and red

Step 2:

Roll out the clay.
You can do this using a pasta machine
(I used the thickest setting)
you can roll by hand with a rolling pin.
Just flatten the clay!
You do not want it to be too thin and fragile, so pick a thickness that feels sturdy.

Step 3:

I used a playing card as a template for the paper shape and used an x-acto knife to cut it out.

Step 4:

I also liked the rounded edges the playing card template gave.

Step 5:

Use the small circle cutter or a straw to cut the three holes.
I centered the first hole, then placed the other two closer to the top and bottom edges.  Look at a real piece of notebook paper as a guide.

Step 6:

Bake the clay piece according to the directions on the brand of clay you used.
You could probably use an air dry clay also, but just make sure to use a thickness that is not too fragile or breakable.

Step 7:

Drawing the lines.
To do this, I looked at a piece of notebook paper as a reference.
I left a bigger space on top (about 5/8 inch) then, with a ruler, marked increments of 1/4 inch.  You want to have enough space to write, so don't put the lines too close together.

Step 8:

I marked all of the lines with a pencil and ruler first, so I could erase mistakes.

Step 9:

Mark the vertical line also, using the same technique.

Step 10:

Using a straight edge or ruler, go over the horizontal lines with the blue ultra fine point sharpie.

Step 11:

Yay!  It's looking more like notebook paper!

Step 12:

Draw in the vertical line using a red ultra fine point sharpie.

Step 13:

How easy was that?
I think I will have my kids write their Christmas lists on them, so I can keep them forever...
and remember what their handwriting looked like!

Step 14:

Lastly, I added some hemp string to hang it with, but you could use ribbon, yarn, or anything you think would look best.

There are so many memories that could be saved on these ornaments!
They could be used as a baby's first Christmas ornament, listing name, birth date, weight, height, etc...
What about writing a love note?
Or the year's highlights...like, "Sienna lost her first tooth in September"?
You could also write your kids' teacher's name, their grade, and their favorite book or game this year...
Seriously!  So many uses!  I could go on...and on...



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    Another Idea would be to make The 10 Commandment kind of Tablets, but instead write down B'days or Anniverssaries.. etc..
    Nice one Though..

    That's absolutely adorable. I think I'll make a clay five page book for little kids. Reminds me of the Flintstones.

    It would make a cute "Flintstones" type book for kids! Great idea!

    Hmm, yeah. And I'd use grey clay and actually carve the letters in. Goodness that's cool!

    This is awesome!!! I'm going to make some for my fellow teachers as tags for xmas gifts! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

    Thanks! You make some wonderful instructables yourself! Hope your fellow teachers like the gift tags!

    I will keep you posted I'm sure that they will, I'm digging around looking for my pasta maker! Thanks a million for the complement, so kind. :)