Step 6:

Bake the clay piece according to the directions on the brand of clay you used.
You could probably use an air dry clay also, but just make sure to use a thickness that is not too fragile or breakable.
<p>Beautiful! &gt;^.^&lt;</p>
Another Idea would be to make The 10 Commandment kind of Tablets, but instead write down B'days or Anniverssaries.. etc.. <br>Nice one Though..
That's absolutely adorable. I think I'll make a clay five page book for little kids. Reminds me of the Flintstones.
It would make a cute &quot;Flintstones&quot; type book for kids! Great idea!
Hmm, yeah. And I'd use grey clay and actually carve the letters in. Goodness that's cool!
This is awesome!!! I'm going to make some for my fellow teachers as tags for xmas gifts! Thanks for the wonderful idea!
Thanks! You make some wonderful instructables yourself! Hope your fellow teachers like the gift tags!
I will keep you posted I'm sure that they will, I'm digging around looking for my pasta maker! Thanks a million for the complement, so kind. :)
could you write on it with dry-erase, and have it come off?
I don't think so, but I've never tested a dry-erase marker on polymer clay. You could try to re-create the ornament using a thin white plastic (like from a used food container) instead? You could use a hole punch for the holes and do everything else the same. Just an idea!
That would work too, and be upcycling... might just do that.
That is a fantastic idea, and your right I can think of tons of things to write on it, wonderful keep sake for memorable moments, or fantastic little gift for someone, even easy enough to use as a sort of gift tag to keep with a special message on. I love it and defiantly think I will be making a couple for people. :) cheers.
great instructable!
Amazing idea!!! <br>and great pics too!!.. :D
Nice idea.
Thanks! <br>
Oh, how cute! I love your ideas of what to write on it, too. :D
Thank You!

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