Picture of Polymer Clay Pug Tutorial
How to make a pug out of polymer clay.  You can use it to make a bead, earrings, a magnet for your fridge...or anything else you would like.  The design can be scaled down or made larger to fit your project's needs.  You also can change the colors to match your dog.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
The photo shows amounts of clay that will be used.

You will need beige, brown, black and white colored polymer clay (tiny glass holeless beads are optional). Also, I reinforce each added piece of clay with liquid polymer clay.


poofrabbit3 years ago
This is adorable!!
yngla3 years ago
How cute! Great tutorial as well!
susanrm4 years ago
Love this! I used to make similar sculptures in glass. This is really cute.
ThreeMoonBabies (author)  susanrm4 years ago
Wow! Polymer clay is probably lots easier to work with than glass! I have always admired people who make glass beads and sculptures. Thanks!
wilgubeast4 years ago
Adorable and simple. I love that you can make this using only clay balls. And your instructions are great, particularly the pics. Awesome!
ThreeMoonBabies (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
Thanks! I'm so happy you like it!