What you need:
  • bottle cap (Unused and flattened type is the best.  You can find them at craft stores, Amazon, or on Etsy.  You can also look at stores that cater to home brewing.)
  • beige/crust colored polymer clay
  • orange/pie colored polymer clay  (I mixed orange, brown, and gold to get a color I liked.  I have also seen people mix in real pumpkin pie spices to make it look more realistic!)
  • white for the whipped cream
  • needle tool or something to crimp the edges of the crust
  • liquid polymer clay to strengthen bond between clay pieces

Step 1:

As I mentioned before, I added some brown to my orange to get a more realistic pumpkin color.
<p>That is so smart using the bottle cap as a pie dish :) Amazing tutorial, thank you so much for sharing!</p>
<p>Very Cool !!!!</p>
<p>i made a pie but a loom band version bcoz i don't have the talent to do clay molding -_-</p>
<p>That looks awesome!!!</p>
I made something like this the other day it was a Dutch apple pie mmmmmm pie
Really cute and cool!
This is SO AWESOME!!!!!! I love pie! My catch phrase at school is &quot;I like Pie&quot;! Im SO gonna make this! Do you think I could make it in Cherry pie? anyway, thanks so much for this! <br>
Love the bottle cap idea! You could also e6000 on a pin backing. So cute and easy well done!
It would make a cute brooch! Great idea!
Those are so cute and using the bottle caps was a great idea!

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