Picture of Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials
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skulls sienna.jpg
Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials:
All pieces can be made with black and white clay. They are really cool when made with glow-in-the-dark clay.
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Step 1:

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Flatten a piece of clay with a pasta machine or with a rolling pin.

Step 2:

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With a circle cutter, cut a circle from the clay.

Step 3:

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Use the same circle cutter to cut six curves around the circle.

Step 4:

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You should have a piece that looks like this, with six points.

Step 5:

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Roll a thin snake out of the black clay.

Step 6:

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Lay and cut the snake to connect the points.

Step 7:

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It should look like this, with 3 black snakes/lines connecting the points.

Step 8:

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Now, roll a very long, thin snake out of black clay.

Step 9:

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Starting at the center, make a spiral on the web.

Step 10:

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To finish, poke hole and bake according to clay directions.
I have used these to make earrings , but they can be used in many ways: charms, pendants, ornaments, etc....

Step 11:

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Start with a large ball of white clay (for the head) and two small balls of black clay (for the eyes).

Step 12:

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Flatten the white ball of clay.

Step 13:

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Shape the bottom (jaw) of the flattened ball. You want to flatten the two sides and bottom.

Step 14:

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You should have a skull shape that looks like this.

Step 15:

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Grab a thick needle or needle tool.

Step 16:

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Impress the needle in the bottom, center of skull.

Step 17:

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Impress the needle two more times, on both sides of the center impression.

Step 18:

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Roll the tiny black balls of clay and position them as eyes. I like to make one bigger than the other.

Step 19:

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Add a pink bow for a girly skull.

Step 20:

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My daughter Sienna's skull.

Step 21:

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Adding her bow.
Poke holes if desired and bake according to clay directions.
supa cute!
drifle3 years ago
This so adorable! And simple. This is great for people just starting out using clay (like me).

ChrysN3 years ago
ThreeMoonBabies (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Those are so cute :)
Thank you!