Introduction: Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials

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Polymer Clay Spiderweb and Skull Tutorials:
All pieces can be made with black and white clay. They are really cool when made with glow-in-the-dark clay.

Step 1:

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Flatten a piece of clay with a pasta machine or with a rolling pin.

Step 2:

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With a circle cutter, cut a circle from the clay.

Step 3:

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Use the same circle cutter to cut six curves around the circle.

Step 4:

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You should have a piece that looks like this, with six points.

Step 5:

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Roll a thin snake out of the black clay.

Step 6:

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Lay and cut the snake to connect the points.

Step 7:

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It should look like this, with 3 black snakes/lines connecting the points.

Step 8:

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Now, roll a very long, thin snake out of black clay.

Step 9:

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Starting at the center, make a spiral on the web.

Step 10:

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To finish, poke hole and bake according to clay directions.
I have used these to make earrings , but they can be used in many ways: charms, pendants, ornaments, etc....

Step 11:

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Start with a large ball of white clay (for the head) and two small balls of black clay (for the eyes).

Step 12:

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Flatten the white ball of clay.

Step 13:

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Shape the bottom (jaw) of the flattened ball. You want to flatten the two sides and bottom.

Step 14:

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You should have a skull shape that looks like this.

Step 15:

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Grab a thick needle or needle tool.

Step 16:

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Impress the needle in the bottom, center of skull.

Step 17:

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Impress the needle two more times, on both sides of the center impression.

Step 18:

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Roll the tiny black balls of clay and position them as eyes. I like to make one bigger than the other.

Step 19:

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Add a pink bow for a girly skull.

Step 20:

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My daughter Sienna's skull.

Step 21:

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Adding her bow.
Poke holes if desired and bake according to clay directions.

Step 22:

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These can be used as earrings, for necklaces, ornaments, buttons, bow centers, etc..., etc...
The sizes and colors can be varied. You can add other details, like a spider to the web, or a patch to the eye of the skull for a pirate skull ! What about a royal skull or a sugar skull ?

Use your imagination and have fun!

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Kitana Kellaway (author)2012-11-16

supa cute!

drifle (author)2011-12-13

This so adorable! And simple. This is great for people just starting out using clay (like me).


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Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-10-22

Those are so cute :)

Thank you!

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