This instructable will show you how to make a Polymer Clay Tentacle Pendant.  The inspiration of this piece is a friend of a friend posted a gorgeous tentacle pendant on their facebook wall, and it popped up on my newsfeed.  I went to etsy.com and checked it out and it was amazing!  I really thought they looked neat!  (Just google Polymer Clay Tentacle and you will get a lot of images of what can be done with this very basic concept.)  Anyway, I saw that and I thought, that I could totally make that too, and so here are my adventures of clay tentacles.  

WARNING: This is entirely too addictive, because they come out so cool looking!

Step 1: Things Needed to Complete This Project:

Things needed to complete this project:

Polymer Clay ---------- For this project I used white, purple, and pink.  (For the other tentacles shown I used blue, green, yellow and white)
Oven, or Toaster Oven
---------- I've only used a full size oven for baking the clay, so I don't know how toaster oven's work for this type of clay.  However, through online research I know a lot of people do use them.
Oven Mitt ---------- It's hot, use a mitt.
Glass Dish for Oven ---------- Here, I used a casserole baking dish top, I also like to use glass pie pans.
String ---------- I prefer satin string for jewelry making, a nice thick hemp cord, or something out of the yarn section of a store.  It is personal preference.  Just don't go too thin, or it will cut into your neck.
Small Tin ----------  I like to keep all my small clay pieces in a tin so they don't get lost.
Tools ---------- I've seen all the tools for polymer clay in the craft stores, but they are so expensive.  Right now for this project I used, a small flat screwdriver, and a plastic fork.  (Optional shown: safety pin, skewer, plastic butter knife)
Scissors ---------- They come in handy.  Cutting the string, shaping clay.
TV Remote ---------- I like to watch TV and work with my clay, it is very relaxing.
Nail Polish ---------- For the extra shiny.

These look so cute. You can also do earrings out of these.
<p>Please be careful with using nail polish on polymer clay, it can eat the clay (takes a while) and make it sticky! These are adorable! </p>
Omg you can make the tentacle in the shape of a letter or someone's initials!
good luck!.. this is cool
I've seen a similar project, only they used the tentacles as ear plugs! Great instructable!
That's an awesome idea! I have also seen them used with magnets, so the tentacles look like they are coming out of the fridge. I think I found my next two projects with this technique!
This is really cool, do they feel heavy once they are finished?
I don't really think they feel that heavy once they are finished. To me, they just feel solid.
Great job. Looks very cool.
Awesome-ness, I saw a ring on Etsy that was tentacles that I really liked. It was metal though. :D
Really cool!
I like this.

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