Step 7: Attach Those Suckers!

After they have cooled enough to touch them, I start attached the suckers.  It's according to personal preference, how you want to attach them.

I have tried in the past to coordinate them by size, but I like the look when they are all mostly the same size.

It is also according to personal preference whether you like 1 row or 2 rows of suckers. To me, a tentacle looks weird with only one row.

NOTE: You will have to press down and pinch the tentacle slightly to get them to attach, be careful not to flatten the tentacle.  You may want to use tweezers for this step.  I didn't have any and I think fingers are fine.
These look so cute. You can also do earrings out of these.
<p>Please be careful with using nail polish on polymer clay, it can eat the clay (takes a while) and make it sticky! These are adorable! </p>
Omg you can make the tentacle in the shape of a letter or someone's initials!
good luck!.. this is cool
I've seen a similar project, only they used the tentacles as ear plugs! Great instructable!
That's an awesome idea! I have also seen them used with magnets, so the tentacles look like they are coming out of the fridge. I think I found my next two projects with this technique!
This is really cool, do they feel heavy once they are finished?
I don't really think they feel that heavy once they are finished. To me, they just feel solid.
Great job. Looks very cool.
Awesome-ness, I saw a ring on Etsy that was tentacles that I really liked. It was metal though. :D
Really cool!
I like this.

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