Do you find yourself in need of a specific table decor for a party, to hide that ugly burn in the center of the table caused by your Great Uncle Fred, or to simply spruce up that boring ol' living room?  Well, you can either fork over a fist full of cash( for something you may or may not only use once or twice a year) or for a considerable amount less you can MAKE IT!!

What's that!?! Make my own Vase? How!?! Where!?!? WITH WHAT!?!?!

I'll Tell you. Polymer. Clay. Two simple words that create an endless supply of creativity. You can sculpt with it, make your own jewelry from it, make molds with it, and even adhere it to certain items. Adhere it to certain items?!?  Intrigued?

With this guide I will show you how to create a fabulous centerpiece for your house.

Step 1: Things to Use!

** First things first, and ABOVE ALL: Polymer Clay is rated Non-Toxic but should NEVER come in contact with Food, before or after its baked. If you wish to cover utensils, plates, or glassware make sure that they are placed in an area where they will not come in contact with foods or liquids.**

Alright, lets begin:

Materials Needed

1. Glass Vase -
                I used a square bottom vase about 12" tall. The flat surface is perfect for sculpting on but rounded surfaces work as well

2. Polymer Clay (I prefer PREMO! brand)-
               Antique Gold
               Raw Sienna
               Burnt Umber

3. Roller-
               I used an acrylic roller but you may substitute anything sturdy enough. For instance a glass bottle or crayola marker will work.
                ** Don't worry about thickness, because it doesn't matter.

4. Sculpey Bake & Bond-
               This is what allows the clay to adhere to surfaces it normally wouldn't.

-You'll need a few tools, if you don't have Clay specific tools, you can use almost anything. *Just keep in mind the no-touchy-food-rule.
I have here is a simple clay tool with a rounded end and a flat angled edge; A knitting needle ( these are just fabulous!); and an  Exact-o-knife ( if you're letting the kiddos help out here, make sure you do all the cutting). You'll also need a cookie cutter in the shapes of leaves. If you don't have leaf-cookie-cutters you can use real leaves as an outline. Just make sure they're not dried up.

Make sure that you have a clean work surface. You can see that I use tiles to work on, because the clay is easily removed from them, and wont ruin the table underneath.

I chose a Deer for my Vase because they often remind me of Fall, and Fall was the theme I was going for. Here I cut a sheet of Paper to fit the glass, and then marked on the paper where I wanted the deer to go, and drew from there.

<p>soo prettyyyy</p>
<p>Absolutely GORGEOUS work!!!!</p>
loved your work .. you made an awesome piece.. it really is a beautiful piece of work

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