Step 6: Foliage!

Lets cover up those odd bits!

* Start by rolling out some clay in these colors: Antique Gold, Gold, and a combo of the two or Antique and Brown. Tear off strips of these vertically, roll into a snake, and then flatten them.

* Save time by using a Scrubby Pad to indent the back of the clay. This will give the back of the clay enough texture for the "glue" to hold. ( And keeps you from having to draw criss-cross marks all over the back of these tiny strips of clay!)
    ** Don't try to cheat and use this technique on the back of your deer, or you'll lose all your hard work on the pattern.

* Once you've got the line on the front of the strip drawn ( this makes it look more reed/plant like ) add the "glue" to the back and attach to the glass. Get creative here. The more colors you have, the more dynamic the piece will be. It also keeps all the blades of foliage form blending together and looking like one big hunk of clay.

* You can curl the tips in, down, or even in a spiral to give it character. Overlapping and under lapping blades will also create depth. Just remember the clay will bond to itself, so if you make curls push them in against themselves. Keep in mind too that you don't want anything sticking out, try to keep it as close to the glass as you can. Though durable when baked, Polymer Clay can still break.

* Now's your opportunity to go crazy! Add as much foliage, as tall or short as you want; add beads, glass gems, marbles, whatever! It's all up to you. But this is the most time consuming step, because once you've fill in the spaces around the deer, you wont be able to lie the vase down anymore.
   ** If you add a glass gem or a marble, the "glue" alone wont keep it in place. You will need to create sort of an anchor for the gem. Place a dab of bake and bond on the back of the gem, press against the glass, and then wrap a coil of clay around the gem. This will keep the gem from popping off.

* I added a tree on the back because to have leaves we must have a tree.. right!? Just use more of the brown and copper swirl mix, or even brown and gold. Whatever you want! Flatten the logs like you did the leaves, press the scrubby pad in the back, and ta-dah! Insta-tree!

<p>soo prettyyyy</p>
<p>Absolutely GORGEOUS work!!!!</p>
loved your work .. you made an awesome piece.. it really is a beautiful piece of work

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