Step 7: Leaves!

Picture of Leaves!
Don't worry, these ones you wont have to rake up!

* I used the remainder of my gold for this step. Roll it out flat, turn it over and cover the back with scrubby-pad-imprints. 

* After the back of the clay is textured, turn it back over and use your leaf cutter ( or leaf) to cut out several leaves. I had a few leaf cutters here, so I could have a variety. Once you've gotten all the leaves out of the clay that you can get, roll it up, and flatten it out again. You can keep doing this until you can no longer get at least one leaf out of it.

* Use your knitting needle or tool to draw the leaf veins in the clay. Use just a small amount of pressure to get a deep groove in the clay.

* Once you've gotten all your leaves done, turn them over, add a bit of bake and bond and apply to the glass however you see fit.
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