Polymer clay Miniature Cakes tutorial - many variations and ideas!

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Picture of Polymer clay Miniature Cakes tutorial - many variations and ideas!
Hello! Today I will be showing you various techniques I use when making tiny realistic cakes with polymer clay. They're super fun to make, but require some patience, so keep that in mind!

What you will need mostly depends on what cakes you will make. So I suggest going through the whole tutorial first, don't be shocked that the list is long!

Definitely going to need:
  • Clay. Colors depend on what color cakes you want;
  • Cutter;
  • Something to work on;
  • Oven;
  • A needle or an exacto knife (something really sharp);
  • Gloss varnish.
Icing variations:
  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey / Liquid Fimo + soft pastel chalk;
  • Silicone (white icing only).
Decoration variations:
  • Polymer clay canes (bought or made, if you know how to);
  • Clay;
  • Confetti / sprinkles;
  • Beads.
Other things you might need:
  • Sanding paper;
  • Clay rolling machine;
  • Findings (only if you are making jewelry);
  • Small cake decorating tips.
Again, you will most likely NOT need ALL of these! This is just a full list of what I used. Look at the tutorial and then cross out what you won't need!
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Step 1:

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The base of your cake

I do my cakes in 4 ways:
  • divided by icing;
  • layers of colors;
  • jell-o filled;
  • full cake.
We will start off with the first one.

Step 2:

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Divided by icing

Cakes divided by icing are pretty much what the name suggests. Along with some examples of where you're going with this, here's how you make their base:

Take a piece of clay as thick as you want your cake to be. Cut it into a triangle and then cut that triangle into two similar pieces.

Step 3:

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To texture your cake, hold it between your fingers like in the picture. That way when you texture the other side, the first one won't get squished.
Use something really sharp or pointy for texturing. DO NOT make holes! You need to sort of tease the clay, make random strokes with your sharp item. For me a swirly random pattern works best. Do this to both long sides on both pieces of the cake.

they look so cute!

THANK YOU for this tutorial! Not only is it very informative, you made it easy to understand and fun to read!! I've already made a bunch of these cakes tonight. You're awesome!!

tasn10031 year ago
this is great! my mouth was was watering. the details you gave were really helpful
dashajiang1 year ago
very good! i like it
paynej11 year ago
This is AMAZING!!!
CyberJacob1 year ago
I followed the link from the newsletter thinking these were real cakes :(
FrozenNote (author)  CyberJacob1 year ago
newsletter? what newsletter, I want to see too! I've noticed a huge spike in views but I don't know why, that explains it! How do I find this newsletter? I'm a bit new to this site :)
There's a monthly newsletter that gets sent out to all Instructables members that features the editor's picks, and you were featured in it.
No idea how you subscribe, I can't find any links to it.
FrozenNote (author)  CyberJacob1 year ago
By e-mail or how? I'd appreciate if you could re-send it over to me if it was an e-mail! (to
Scroll to the very, very bottom of the page, and there's a sign-up box.
OMG! This is such a great idea! I would never have guessed that they were made out of clay... they all look so real :D
Thanks for sharing!
mdeblasi11 year ago
You gave away all your secrets!!!
I bow to your generosity and humility!
Thank you for letting me peek behind the curtain,
What a fantastic tutorial! Could you mix the liquid Sculpey with the solid to make white icing? The rainbow cakes are so cool!
You could, but mixing clay with TLS is goin to take you forever D: that's why I prefer chalk. Way more efficient.
ccrowe11 year ago
Thank you for your very precise tutorial ! Can you do one on the fruit canes that you are showing? I have always wanted to be able to do those, but just can't seem to master them.
FrozenNote (author)  ccrowe11 year ago
Oh, I buy all my canes, since honestly I tried making them many times and failed miserably :/
You covered everything :)
Favorited, Followed, Voted!
Thanks :)
koklimabc1 year ago
nice tutorial!!!
These are absolutely adorable and look amazingly lifelike. You are very talented!
This is brilliant! Thank you for such a nice tutorial. I've not played with this clay stuff yet.
ClareBS1 year ago
Absolutely beautiful!
mooseo1 year ago
these are amazing! when working with silicon, you can add corn starch to it to make it set up a lot faster and easier (maybe... at least different) to work with. there are several Instructables on it.
kcli1 year ago
Yum.Yum.Yum. Beautiful work and wonderful instruction! VOTED :-)
bob30301 year ago
Wow very cool. I've always thought that "fake" food was neat. These tiny little replicas are adorable. You have a talent making these look so real. Thanks for posting.
loopykid001 year ago
Wow. Very clever
iOskr1 year ago
WOW!!! I love your creations. Excellent work. Congrats
Out of the sudden I have this overwhelming craving for cake, and cookies, and dough nuts, and ... .
Beautiful work, it looks amazing!!
kondzio291 year ago
Did you use FIMO clay?
where did you buy whole set of colours?
FrozenNote (author)  kondzio291 year ago
Oh and I buy all my supplies online, either on Etsy or eBay.
FrozenNote (author)  kondzio291 year ago
I prefer Sculpey over Fimo as I find it easier to work with. I do have a ton of colors gathered over the years of working with clay, but for example, the light brown and the lightest tan I used for the layered cakes were mixed by using a few colors. Mixing colors is hard without the metal blend machine thing, though...