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Introduction: Polymer Clay Earrings

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Using wire and polymer clay to create earrings and pendants

Step 1:

Watching the video can help you to better understand some steps

Step 2:

wrap the wire around the crochet needle (or other cylinder shape)

Remove it from the needle and press the wire spiral with a plaque.

Adjust the wire to the shape you want.

Step 3:

Using 2 cookie cutters, with 2 different sizes, make a moon shape with the polymer clay

Place the wire frame over the edges and press it lightly

Cover the wire frame inner side with a roll of polymer clay and create some decorations. This will also help to keep the wire in place.

Step 4:

For the flowers choose the colors you want and mix them with white polymer clay to create gradient effect.

Place the bigger flowers at the center and distribute the smallest ones all the way around

Make a second pendant for the earrings and bake them in the oven, during 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F (I use Fimo in this project. If you use other brands verify the recommended time and temperature)

Step 5:

After baking apply a small chain and a fish hook earring and it's done!

You can also use this pendant on a necklace and apply other elements, like beads, crystals...



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Incredibly cute and very well made tutorial and project! :o)


Lindíssimo!! Como aliás todos os teus trabalhos! ????

Hi, you get a very good step by step tutorial.
Allow you to showcase your work?

HI These look so BEAUTIFUL.....but can you tell me how do you make the flowers?

Hi bbgkt! :D

Thank you so much for your nice comment.

You can see in the video how I made the flowers... They are very easy to make ;)

A great tutorial and just amazing earrings!

These are so cute! I love the combination of the metal and clay and the little flowers are so cute!