Introduction: Polymer Clay Popsicle

Another clay!!

Step 1: What You'll Need

x1 outside popsicle clay colour (Aqua)

x1 inside popsicle clay colour (green)

x1 clay for sprinkle

x1 black clay for face

x1 toothpick

Step 2: First

Get your outside colour and make it to a curve shape.

Step 3: Second

Cut abit of the edge to look like a bite. Get the inside colour (green) and trim it where the bite is.

Step 4: Third

Get the black clay and make the face.

Step 5: Fourth

Get the sprinkle colour and make the sprinkle.

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Get the popsicle stick and add it to the bottom. Then bake and glaze!


MsSweetSatisfaction made it! (author)2014-08-24

Dawww it's so cute! To think a popsicle that will never melt and leave us! Thanks for sharing!

Lily Tran AREA made it! (author)Lily Tran AREA2014-08-25

Thanks, please follow me!! ;)

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