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Designing your own jewelry is something I love the most.

This tutorial implements techniques to design your own jewelry, the main theme being "Rose buds".

Materials needed:

Polymer clay in different shades of red or pink.

(in case you decide on making blue or yellow roses use shades of that color respectively)

White or any base color of your choice


.Sculpting tools: a needle instrument or toothpick,

a ball tool, a needle tool

Jewelry bases :-Pendant frame,

Earing hooks or ear stud base

Ring base., Bracelet base

Glue: E-6000

Polymer clay glaze

Drinking straw


Rolling pin

A clean working platform

Step 1:

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Step 2: Miniature Roses

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Place different colored clays in little logs in an ascending order of colorshades.

Press them all together.

Roll it out in a sheet.

Step 3:

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Fold over and again Roll out. Repeat this process a number of times.

The separate colors will blend in each other to give a beautiful shading.

Step 4:

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Cut around 2 inches of a drinking straw. This is your petal cutter!

Cut out circles in the previously made sheet with the staw.

Use a toothpick thru the straw piece to push out the cut pieces.

Flatten one half of each circle using the ball/spherical tool.

Step 5: Rose

Picture of Rose

Begin with the darkest circle proceed to lighter shaded circles.

Wrap a petal around a piece of wire or toothpick .See that the thicker part is at the bottom.

Wrap the next petal covering up the open edge of the previous petal.

Depending on how many petals you use , you can make the rose bigger or smaller.

After finishing the rose, slightly push out each petal centripetally using the needle tool.

It is very tiny and intricate so be very gentle.

Remove the finished rose from the wire.

Prepare many roses in this manner and keep aside in a closed box to prevent dust settling on it.

Step 6: Leaves

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Press the cut end of the straw between your fingers.

Use the technique to get the desired shade of greens for the leaves.

Cut out the leaves with the pressed end of the straw to make leaves.

With the needle tool mark the veins on the leaves.

Step 7: Stems

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Roll out thin, yes really thin green clay logs to make the stem.

Step 8:

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These Roses and leaves will turn into pretty elegant jewelry....It just need the assemby

Step 9: Pendant

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Smoothen out white/cream colored clay in a pendant frame. Press so that the clay sits snug in the metal shell.

Arrange the stems on it and slightly press in, as to blend with the base.

At the point where you will attach the roses poke holes with a toothpick.

Stick in the roses and press to firm them in their places. Around 1/2 of the flower pops out.

This lends it the beautiful 3D Effect

Arrange the leaves and blend them on the base clay with a toothpick.

Step 10: Earrings

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Design whatever piece of jewelry in the same fashion. Use different combinations_-Number of flowers, leaves different sized flowers etc

Bake the polymer clay at 110C for 15 mins.

Step 11:

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With the help of glue you can fix baked clay trinkets on jewelry bases like on ring base or ear stud base.

Glaze your jewelry with Polymerclay glaze and allow to dry.

Enjoy making and wearing your own designer Jewelry.


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Nice Rose Jewellery!!!

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Great Post!!!!

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