Step 4: 2007-08-26

I believe I mentioned that I am not doing this experiment alone, my boyfriend Matt is also attempting this sleep pattern. We had originally planned to nap at half-hour offsets, so that he can wake me and I can wake him. Last night, however, we ignored that, with the result that we accidentally combined two naps into one, skipping the waking hours in between. So we've had our first major Fall. Since then, however, we have been able to keep reasonably close to our intended schedule.

We returned from New York several hours ago. I have entirely changed my mind on the suitability of a trip for beginning a polyphasic sleep schedule, after having spent a night in a hotel with nothing but a book and the Internet to keep awake with, and a worse night on an airplane, without either the Internet or much ability to move around. I am finding that it's very valuable to take 10 minutes to stretch, after getting unwillingly up after a nap, and/or to shower. I've taken a lot of showers. But not on the plane!