Step 6: 2007-08-28

1AM nap: Tricky, tricky, the daytime naps, making me think I am starting to adjust! The nighttime naps know better. I kept lights on through this nap, unlike for my last one, in case it made it easier to get up. I can't tell if it did. I woke at the alarm with a nasty jerk, confused out of a dream I could no longer remember. Decided I was hungry so ate a couple scrambled eggs and half a grapefruit. Breakfast is easier to cook ;) I'm starting to feel OK again now and we're going to go out and try to see the lunar eclipse. Time passes more slowly than I expect.

5AM nap: I think this was the worst yet. I took 3 sets of extra 5 minute snoozes. Then I showered, stretched, ate some cantaloupe, at a granola bar, and was able to at least pretend to be alive. But I'm not, really... Was planning to take the earlier ferry again but I sort of vaguely didn't notice the time for a while and missed my window. I'd like to bring in a blanket to sleep in at the office if I can work out how to carry it on the bike, as I've been consistently cold, except for the few times I've been slightly too warm. It's hard to stand up, or open my eyes. I'll have to nap on the ferry at 9 and I'll definitely have to ask the crew to make sure I don't miss Alameda!

I think I ate a granola bar somewhere in here.

9AM nap: Took this nap on the ferry and nearly missed my stop, a fellow passenger had to wake me up. The seats are not comfortable to sleep in and the engine throbs. I won't be sleeping on the ferry regularly although I originally planned to. Ate a granola bar. I'm less groggy but more so than yesterday. Read that day 5 is the first day I can expect to start feeling better, but often it could be day 6 or 7. Today is day 4. I am grumpy.

1PM nap: I am falling asleep for my naps very easily at this point, but waking up is still a considerable shock. I snoozed twice, once for 3 minutes and once for 2 but without closing my eyes. Ate for lunch a couple chicken tacos that Ed thoughtfully offered to pick up for me. Had another half coke afterwards but no actual stomach upset has resulted. My eyes feel very heavy and I feel some sleep pressure although not a large amount. I keep drifting off course from whatever I try to do, and several times felt my eyes closing and had to jerk them back open.

5PM nap: I was so very ready for this by the time it came around, but for some reason it took me a bit to get to sleep and then I woke up again after 10 minutes. So I just stayed down and napped again until the alarm went off. Have been drinking a fair amount of water today in addition to the coke (but coke tastes better for a while). I do hope I can start waking up by myself without waiting for the alarm, as the alarm consistently startles me awake so badly that I wake up shaky for a bit.

9PM nap: Had half a hamburger half an hour before this as I was feeling the need for more protein. Nap went off fine. It is too soon to be drawing any conclusions about anything, but I seem to be noticing an effect of a lower ability to tolerate badness. Take the cokes, which are known to be bad for me. For quite a long time I drank one coke a day, or sometimes two. Since I started this schedule I have drunk no more than half a coke a day, I just don't want it. Similarly I would usually eat a whole hamburger, not just half one. Although it feels like I am eating less per meal in general so the half hamburger may be an artifact of that. I am probably eating more meals to make up for the size of them but I haven't counted that up yet.

Had another grapefruit and some nuts around 11. I do love grapefruit.
crazyrog176 years ago
Wow, this is some crazy stuff. Perhaps you should look into making a soft-wake alarm that slowly brings up the brightness of a light and slowly bring up the volume of an alarm. Something like this could wake you up without scaring you. The light especially could prepare you for the sound and maybe you'll wake up to the light alone.