Step 7: 2007-08-29

1AM nap: Napped and woke up, not much more to say about it. Not nearly as difficult as last night, but let's see about the 5AM one. Stretched a little on waking but more because I thought to do so than because I needed help getting up. Feeling relatively consistently fuzzy, but perfectly functional. Sleep pressure, but not heavy.

Cooked and ate pasta with a veggie white sauce that I made up. Tasty. Still feeling like I'm eating smaller portions.

Heavier sleep pressure around 3, 3:30. I find myself counting the time until 5. Took a walk which helped only while I was on it.

5AM nap: Again this is the bad one, although I think not quite as bad as yesterday. Dragged myself up after snoozing twice, stretched, showered, and cooked some scrambled eggs. Am going to stand and look at the eastern horizon for a bit, which is fairly light now, in hopes that it will wake me up some. Will leave in an hour to catch the earlier ferry.

I am noticing more than ever how tiredness and hunger are related. Always throughout my life I've been able to mitigate the effects of hunger by taking a nap, and of lack of sleep by eating something. It's only now occurring to me that both food and sleeping give you more energy, so the fact that their effects overlap somewhat is no longer so strange to me.

9AM nap: Messed this one up thoroughly. I felt so shaky and out of it that although I woke up at my alarm, I kept setting it for Just Another Ten Minutes until I'd slept for an hour. I do feel a bit better now though, so I guess there is nothing to do but get right back on that horse. And maybe eat some bread and cheese...

1PM nap: Took me some extra time to get up from this too, but mostly just lying there with my eyes open gathering my determination. I'm a lot better than earlier today, but MAN I hope this adjustment starts happening soon. I did eat bread and cheese, and drank water. Have set a reminder to myself tomorrow night to pack a lunch - I have time for these things now.

Despite the feeling awful part of the time, I am definitely getting things done. If I don't acclimatize and feel crappy half the time like now, it is not worth it; but if I could get to feeling mostly OK at night (about like I do now), and perky during the days, that might be a very tough decision as to whether to stick with it or not. I really LIKE staying up all night. Did I mention we watched the eclipse Monday night? And I have been cooking reasonably healthy food and eating it, now that I feel I have time to cook.

5PM nap: Had to get up right away after this or I would have missed the ferry. I'll have to try making more immediate post-nap travel arrangements... Wonky on the ferry, and a bit shaky riding and then BART-ing home. Ate a lot of Thai food, which we ordered in.

9PM nap: At Matt's urging I slept 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes and will continue with 30 minutes for the next day or so at least. I do feel somewhat better than earlier today but who's to say if it was the extra 10 minutes. I have promised myself to allow two full weeks of this to see if I acclimatize, and that is seeming like a Very Long Time at the moment. I'm drinking much more water than I normally do, but my skin is nevertheless dryer, especially my hands - I've had to resort to hand lotion at least once a day for the past several days. Oddly, my hair is different too but I can't work out exactly how. It is crunchier... and never feels quite clean despite LOTS of rinsing. No change in products or styling process.
30 minute naps are good- like i said before, find what works for you and do it. isn't the diet thing just like an extra bonus??? for some reason, i eat a lot healthier now too- it's almost as if your body craves exactly what it needs, i.e.protein, fiber, etc. i went from 175lbs to 120lbs in a year. of course, i became a bit b-12 deficient in the process, but they have pills for that! hehe keep it up! hope youre feeling better! thinking about you! ;)
Hungry_Myst8 years ago
Keep at it, as long as you can keep to your schedule I'm sure you can do it. Good luck!
rachel (author)  Hungry_Myst8 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement! I am a bit down about the whole thing just now, having Not kept to my schedule for the last nap... oh well.