Picture of Polystyrene Christmas Baubles

Welcome to my first Instructable. I'll be showing you how to make some great looking Christmas Baubles that will last. They make a great group project (all the more to decorate the tree!) so get your little elves in a production line and get cracking!

Polystyrene Balls - This instructable uses balls of 50mm but the size is all up to you!
Bamboo Skewers - To keep your baubles from rolling away and making a mess.
Tissue Paper - I used mostly red and green, my local craft shop sold them in A3 sizes and I have plenty left over from a batch of 40
Hanging Pins - I bought these from www.craftmill.co.uk, you could use bendy wire but these make the baubles look much better.
Jingle bells - optional but I've used them to decorate this batch.
Ribbon - Again your choice, mine is about 10mm wide.
PVA Glue - Watered down to about 1:1 this keeps the tissue paper looking matt not shiney when you finish. It also helps flatten the paper better!
UHU - Or equivalent, to stick your ribbons on with.

Packaging - Optional
Card Stock - Any colour, you can get two box bases to an A4 sheet
A4 Clear Acetate - This is the lid of the box, you will need one sheet of A4 per box, unless your printer wont crop it.
Inkjet Printer - Well its quicker than pencil and a ruler, but I guess that works too.
These are really cute. Where do you get polystyrene balls?
vez87 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Ebay is your friend, I got these in two packs of 40 for only a few quid. If you want to make singular ones any craft shop should carry them.