This is a simple polystyrene sculpture which can very easily be modified by changing the colour, shape, or size.

My sculpture is a simple one, purely because i didnt want to make the instructions too complicated. But if you are a great artist, you could possibly try creating sculptures of people, or other objects.

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Step 1: Materials

These are the things you will be needing in the process of making your sculpture.

  • Polystyrene, (amount depending on what size you want to make the sculpture)
  • Glue, I recommend hot glue if you have any
  • (optional) A larger flat piece of polystyrene for the base

  • A small hacksaw or coping saw (a large hand saw will not work)
  • Tape measure or very long ruler =)
  • A big pile of books or just something small and heavy
  • A towel or sheet to catch all of the little polystyrene bits

Got all the stuff? Great, then please proceed.
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Back in my working in theatre days we made props out of foam all of the time... we usually used the pink stuff that they use for home insulation, and some sort of green glue to adhere it all together. (Wish I could tell you what that glue was actually called, but we always just called it Green Glue). One tip to make your carving go 1000 times faster... and easier on your arm - an electric turkey carving knife. It's awesome.
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Now I know how to carve packing foam into Master Chief. Replace hacksaw with shaving blade. Awesome.
Look at the ible I posted recently :D You can make Master Chief, and then wear him!
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Hmmmmm.. You could turn it into a table by adding a piece on top.
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