Picture of Pom Pom Package Topper Tutorial

* Cardboard (can be from the recycled bin, old soda 12-pack or cereal boxes work great)
* 21 yards worsted weight yarn
* Scissors

Step 1: Download Template

Picture of Download Template
Download pompom.jpg and print it out full size (a scale has been placed on each jpg to help with printing at the correct proportions).
cutecraftz4 years ago
Instead of using cardboard for the rings, could you use metal washers? You couldn't cut them but you wouldn't have to remake the circles all the time. I love the insructabe by the way!! :)
ninjacow2584 years ago
Very nice, though I can never get it tight enough, so the center string wrapping the shorter sections is always visible, and the shorter yarn tends to slide around when anything tugs on it.
So great! I have lots of leftover yarn from knitting projects, and this is a great way to use it up. Thanks so much for sharing!
angelabchua4 years ago
Gah! I love this!