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Introduction: Pom Pom Socks

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Jazz up your wardrobe for the winter with these Pom Pom Socks!  All you need is an old pair of socks and some yarn and you can sport this stylish look!

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Step 1: Materials

Pair of knee high socks
Ball of yarn

Step 2: Making Pom Poms

Cut two donut shapes out of cardboard.  The entire donut should be 2-2.5 inches in diameter, the inner hole should be 1/2 inch.  Make a cut in donut from outside edge to inner hole as seen in picture.

Place the donuts on top of each other.

Wrap yarn around both donuts from outside donuts through the hole.  Keep wrapping yarn until the entire donut is covered.  If you want the pom pom to be dense like mine keep wrapping the yarn until the hole in the middle of the donut is really small. 

Take scissors and position them in between the two cardboard donuts, start cutting yarn until all the yarn on outside of donut is cut.  Cut one foot of yarn.  Place yarn inbetween cardboard donuts and tie in knot.  This will hold all the yarn together.  Tie a couple knots to ensure everything is connected.  Remove cardboard pieces.  Trim around Pom Pom so it is even.  

Make four Pom Poms, two for each sock.  

Check out this video that explains the process really well.

Step 3: Sewing Pom Poms

Tie two pom poms together.  Let them hang at different lengths, the longest one being about 4 inches from top of sock.

Sew the knot that holds the two pom poms together to the side of the socks - you will want them to be on the outside of the legs.

Step 4: Rock This Awesome Look!

Be fun and trendy this winter!



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    I love pom poms and also remember when they had kits for making animals. It came with two different size pom makers and a few extra bits of color so you could decorate them.


    Nice, great technique to make the pom-poms. Thanks for sharing!

    do you sell this at etsy.com or ebay for some reason i remember this somewhere but i cant remember

    These things were the rage last year in Tokyo - so far it looks like they'll be back again this year :)

    The BEST.

    WAIT but how would you wash it?? wont the cardboard get all soggy??

    1 reply

    you remove the cardboard..just reread step 2. After you cut around the yarn and tie the yarn in the middle you can slide the cardboard off. I once made a larger version way back in high school and made it into a creature.

    I have three little girls that are very excited about trying this project. Really great idea.

    1 reply

    That makes me so happy! You'll have to post pictures of the finished product :)

    Cool :) My daughter would love it as well.