Step 9: Finish!

You’re done! Whew what a journey. :) I had so much fun coming up with this recipe and in the end it paid off! You should have seen my beaming face when I took these cake tarts out of the oven. They are so cute and when you bite into them its a mixture of crunchiness and moistness. I love the contrast of it and the two layers are appealing visibly too! Pomegranate Cake Tarts are the epitome of desserts: A combination of the best desserts that everyone loves definitely did not disappoint. Try making these sometime and with that cream cheese frosting, these are sure to please anyone who has any inkling of a sweet tooth.

Make these at your next party and I'm sure your guests will love it. Perfect finger food!


look delicious!
Thank you!
hi<br><br>i was just wondering how many cupcakes will this recipe make?<br>
When I made the recipe, it made 12 cupcakes, but it will vary.
Pomegranate FTW!!!!!
Yes definitely!
WOW! that picture looks amazing! it looks like a picture even my mom would love! and she's a pro photographer! she also has a few pictures of food. You can find her work at:<br><br> http://www.betterphoto.com/gallery/gallery.asp?memberID=47447&amp;pageID=1&amp;rows=30&amp;style=<br><br>good work!<br>
WOW! :) Thank you for such the nice comment! It took a while but I guess the effort in the picture paid off :) And your mom's work is great! I'm no professional but I definitely love her pics. <br><br>Thanks again! (Will I get a vote for the SodaStream Contest? :)
definately!!!! lol i know its spelled wrong!
Thank you! :) Hoping for a vote?
I tried this and it turned out fairly well, but there are a few things I'd suggest:<br> <br> - It looks like you haven't finished this instructable... steps 7 &amp; 8 don't have any instructions in them. You also don't specify how long to cook the tarts once the cake mix is added.<br> <br> - I followed this recipe to the letter and ended up having to change it a bit because the cookie dough was too crumbly/dry (add less flour or add another egg to compensate). You didn't mention where to add the white chocolate in the instructions... so I just added it with the cookie dough since that's where it was listed in the ingredients.<br> <br> - I was a bit confused at the way you added ingredients together; typically in baking all the wet ingredients are mixed first, the dry ingredients are mixed separately and then both are combined together. Is there a reason you added things together in the order you specified? It made it a bit difficult to mix.<br> <br> Nevertheless these are very tasty. :9
First of all thank you for the comment :)<br><br>-I definitely remember writing steps 7 and 8 so the explanation for that is a bug (most likely). I will definitely fix it (thank you for pointing it out) and hope it doesn't happen again. Also in the instructable it says, &quot;Put the tarts into the oven for about 5 minutes or just until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the cake. Let cool.&quot; I think that got deleted with the rest of the instructions for the two deleted steps.<br><br>-I fixed the white-chocolate-in-cookie-dough issue and when I made the recipe, the dough was actually a bit on the soft side. The recipe you see here is after I added the flour. Maybe the climate? :) I hope it worked out!<br><br>-Was that referring to the cookie part or the cake part? For the cake, I generally like giving the eggs a whirl first (I feel it adds a bit more &quot;air&rdquo; to the cake). The cookie part, I used a technique loosely based on the &quot;cutting in&quot; technique for pie crusts.<br><br>Thanks! I hope you have some pictures to show me :) Will I get your vote for the SodaStream Contest?
I love being a critic, but I honestly can't find anything bad to say about this. Everything looks absolutely amazing, and I desperately want to make a batch of these. It's just starting to get warm where I live, so local pomegranate supplies are dwindling, and I may have to go and buy (gasp!) imported produce just so I can make these. Maybe I'll even fold some of the arils into the frosting, like little explosive jewels...<br><br>I want.
Thank you for such the nice comment! And you should definitely make a batch (and post some pictures so I can see them :) ! I love fresh pomegranate so local or imported, I always grab a bunch. I was thinking of adding the arils to the frosting but I had this perfect white frosting picture in my head, so that didn't happen. :) You should definitely go for it though. Thanks again for the great comment :)<br><br>(P.S - I would give you some virtual ones...but they're all gone :P)
Wow - that first photo actually made my mouth water!<br><br>If you have any special techniques for photographing food, you ought to share those in another Instructable.
Aww thanks Kiteman :D You should try your hand at making them sometime. <br><br>And I actually never thought of that before...Hmm I'm no expert but maybe I can put one together sometime. Have to take some more picture first :) Thanks for the great idea!
Looks delicious!
It definitely was :) Yum!
Wow great picture! Totally caught my attention!
Thank you so much! That really means a lot :)

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