Step 9: Finish!

Picture of Finish!
You’re done! Whew what a journey. :) I had so much fun coming up with this recipe and in the end it paid off! You should have seen my beaming face when I took these cake tarts out of the oven. They are so cute and when you bite into them its a mixture of crunchiness and moistness. I love the contrast of it and the two layers are appealing visibly too! Pomegranate Cake Tarts are the epitome of desserts: A combination of the best desserts that everyone loves definitely did not disappoint. Try making these sometime and with that cream cheese frosting, these are sure to please anyone who has any inkling of a sweet tooth.

Make these at your next party and I'm sure your guests will love it. Perfect finger food!


look delicious!
jen7714 (author)  susanchen20113 years ago
Thank you!