Picture of Pompourri Rug
Create a rug entirely out of pom poms!
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Step 1: You'll Need

Picture of You'll Need

Plastic rug grid (can be purchased at fabric stores)
Pom Pom Maker

Make your pom poms and tie them to the rug grid.  It's that easy!

Step 2: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!

Once you're finished, you can purchase some non skid to attach to the back.  I put mine on the side of my bed to enjoy every morning in bare feet.  I don't recommend letting shoes dirty it! 
bamslower1 year ago
How long did it take to make all those pom poms? I'm moving into a new apartment in September and might make a black, grey and white one for in my bedroom :-)
shazni bamslower7 months ago

If you really want to make this quick check out my instructable

How many different colors of yarn did you use?
How big was the plastic canvas
Awesome idea, it's now on my to do list
ceskins1 year ago
Ps I spent like 5 bucks on a Pom Pom maker and it's super easy and fun and makes perfect poms every time
ceskins1 year ago
Working on it :D
14, 4:37 PM.jpg
BigRed19731 year ago
I know a little girl who would love this in her room!! Thanks for posting!
Muniosi1 year ago
How's that you've laced your shoes? Mind making or at least linking to a guide for that? :)
maize (author)  Muniosi1 year ago
heh heh. :)

It's called 'lattice lacing'. Here's a site with a bunch of different ways to lace your shoes.
Muniosi maize1 year ago
Thanks! That looks like a cool website, I'll have to check it out!
N_G_1811 year ago
I bet this is really soft
maize (author)  N_G_1811 year ago
It is indeed! My dog won't stay off it! :)
pdrg1 year ago
What a fun bright idea
pdrg1 year ago
What a fun bright idea
coachjodiv1 year ago
Love it!
HollyMann1 year ago
This is so cute and must be so soft!!! I love it!
rugshd2 years ago
Nashipashi3 years ago
hey there!! that is absolutely amazing!! it reminds me of all different flavoured icecream scoops... yum! Did you use a pom pom maker for this? I've started making them by hand with the cut out cardboard donuts buts its taking forever!! Such a great idea thanks for sharing :)
maize (author)  Nashipashi3 years ago
Yes, I used a pom pom maker and it goes so much faster! You can buy them at Joanns and use your 40% off coupon, which makes them very affordable. They sell them in packs of two, each a different size. Have fun!
cutecraftz3 years ago
AWESOME!! That is really cool! My mom taught me how to make pom poms with washers and I never really new what to do with them. Now I do!! :) Great idea!
foobear3 years ago
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Show us more! I love this idea, but I want to see how you made the pom poms and what your technique for laying them out and attaching them to the rug is.
maize (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
I used Pom Pom makers from Joanns. Use your 40% off coupon. They're the best and easiest way to make the poms. Didn't really have a technique for laying them out. :) Just tied them to the rug grid as I went along.