Time for another retro project, this time a wearable - always on - Pong Watch. Inspired by the classic video game, Pong.
Here is the video of it in action.

Step 1: Parts List

Watch casing - Cheap 99p LED watch from eBay. This makes things a lot easier as I didn't fancy designing or building a watch case. I just performed a few mods to it.
Display - Monochrome OLED with I2C interface. Just a few quid from eBay.
Processor - Microchip PIC 12F1840 8 pin Micro Controller from eBay for a few quid.
Battery - rechargeable Li-ion 052025 25mm x 20mm x 5mm from eBay for a few quid.
Li-ion charger - TP4056 Lithium charger module from eBay for a few quid.
The charger pcb was pre-built, Google TP4056 data sheet and it will contain a schematic. The only thing I added was 2 diodes going to my circuit, one from the USB 5v and the other from the battery, so when you are charging the battery you are powering the circuit direct. I will draw something up at some point.
<p>could u do a scematic of only the charging part please becuse iv been looking for a while for a small lipo charger to put in my own watch</p>
Funnily enough en_rov I was at the Cinema on Sunday and thought the same so I added a screen ON/OFF when I got home. In the screen OFF mode I might add a press to view like the old fashioned smart watches.
Awesome. Congratulations! <br><br>I think you could add a 'cinema button' to turn off the screen, if it's not there already.
Thanks for inspiration pretty good design ;))
Try 40 years ago thunder_ir :-) The original Pong was released back in 1972 (43 years ago). Home versions appeared a few years later.
<p>I played this game when I was a child. about 30 years ago. its my nostalgia</p><p>good luck</p>
Lol. This is awesome
But of course it does JavaProgrammer, watch the video. The right player wins 59 times an hour and the left player wins once every hour.
this is so cool. does it player_y against itself and let the paddle miss when the time needs to change? if it does that's awesome and if not it should. I also thinks it awesome how you just shrink the charger circuit to a tenth of the size, I need to learn the stuff to be able to do that.
<p>This is awesome! I'd love to see how you programmed this! I love all things retro and this is just more than amazing! </p>

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