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hello every one. here i shared the project "pong game using fpga kit". fpga is field programmable gate array. it is a technology that we can design any digital device by programming. that means the fpga kit act as any digital device that based on our program. the fpga has separate programming languages verilog and vhdl. These two are hardware description language used for only to program FPGA. In this project i used altera cyclone iii fpga kit. here i used vhdl here the kit act as mini cpu to run the game it self. the pong game achieved using vhdl language. Let us see how to build this project.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Coding and Software:

Picture of Coding and Software:

For program the fpga kit we need software quartus II. To download quartus ii software visit the link bellow:

To download coding for this project coding file click the link bellow:

steps to program the fpga kit:

  • Download the quartus ii software and install it in your computer.
  • Then download the coding for this project. it is zip folder so extract it.

Step 3: Run Quartus Ii

Picture of Run Quartus Ii
  • Then click the extracted folder right click the game.qpf and select properties.
  • change the file is openable by quartus ii exe file.

Step 4: View the Prject

Picture of View the Prject
  • when you open the project file it look like above image.

Step 5: Compile Project

Picture of Compile Project
  • After opening the project first thing we have to do is compile it. so click on the violet triangle shown in the image.
  • And the compilation take few minutes.

Note: The project file you downloaded for this project is only work with DE0 cyclone iii kit alone. if you want to use this code with other altera company kit you need to do following things.

Step 6: Pin Configuration

Picture of Pin Configuration

If you use cyclone iii kit means no problem

  • click assignment -> pins.
  • a new window will be opened as shown in the above image. then click processing - > enable live IO pins.Then close the pin planner window.
  • then follow the step "programmer" skip the next step.

If you use want to use other altera kits like DE2 board , DE1 board,etc. then follow the next step.

Step 7: Change the Device and Pin Configuration:

Picture of Change the Device and Pin Configuration:

If you use other devices then click project - > add/remove Files in project.

  • Then a new window will be open "setting".
  • After that click the "device" in left category panel.
  • then a option will be show like above image.
  • then change the device setting based on your fpga kit. like family,package,pin count,speed grade.
  • then click ok.

After changing device you need to change the pin assignment

  • click assignment -> pins.
  • a new window will be opened as shown in the name of "pin planner".
  • along with your kit you got an user manual pdf file . open it and search the input and output pins name used in the project like vga pins , push button pins, silde switches.

for button_l and button_r select push buttons

for reset and start select slide switches.

for other outputs select vga outputs.

Note: after programming the kit make the reset slide switch as high to working of project . if the reset switch is low then it will continuously resetting we can't see the output.

  • then type the names in appropriate io pin in the pin planner window.
  • then click processing - > enable live IO pins.
  • then close the pin planner window.

Step 8: Programmer

Picture of Programmer

connect the kit to computer.turn on the kit.

Then click the tools -> programmer.

a new window will be open as shown in the above image.

for program the kit click the start button in the programmer window.

Step 9: Output

connect the kit to monitor you can see that game showing in the monitor play it using push buttons in the fpga kit that you assigned previously.

Thank you for watching


عحجازى (author)2015-03-19

how can i write the vhdl code????

ShubhamC17 (author)عحجازى2015-10-17

Using the quartus 2 software. create a new project ,remember to give project the same name as that of entity name.

PavanR6 (author)2015-10-14

can u give me the cost of the whole project?and more details on how do write vhdl code?

mao.karin (author)2015-01-04

This was very helpful. I just started using Altera DE1 board.

vigneshraja (author)mao.karin2015-01-04

Thank you

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-17

Yay more pong for everyone! Well done figuring it out and sharing your process. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you friend

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