Pong With 8x8 Led Matrix on Arduino





Introduction: Pong With 8x8 Led Matrix on Arduino

Game Pong created with 8x8 Led Matrix on Arduino Diecimila (microcontroller Atmel ATMega 168). For more informations https://labs.bsoares.com/ping-pong-com-matriz-de-leds-8x8-ee13cce39007



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what if my LED matrix was driven by MAX 7219? how would i change the code?

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lograste hacerlo? yo tengo el mismo

Olá, pode me dizer como foram feitas as ligações dos pinos? Pois tentei o mesmo projeto mas não tive sucesso ainda, obrigado desde já, abraços!
Obs.: A minha Matriz de led 8x8 tem linha como catodo, carreguei mesmo assim a mesma programação que você usou, desconfio que o problemas esteja aí!

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Olá, já faz um tempo que eu não brinco com Arduino, não sei se vou poder te ajudar. Tente trocar Low para High e High para Low no método doubleBuffer. Essa forma você troca o que seria positivo para negativo.. e vice-versa.


This link doesn't seem to be working? Could you post the source code please?

I am changing the server, will soon be in the air.

Soon? Four years ago already... :(

hii, i tried to make but its showing some random pattern on the matrix but not the game ......... please help me out.

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You may have the matrix plugged in upside down on the circuit board.
This was the case when I assembled the circuit board first time.

how if im add AI (artificial intelegent) for this game ? and made this 3 level easy,medium and hard ? and i think this is COOL !!!

would you please show the diagram that how you connect the pin of the matrix to the Arduino?

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Hello, pins configuration here: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/DirectDriveLEDMatrix

Did you use that pin configuration to make this ping pong game?. or it is just a basis for the project?.

Do we need any complex circuitry such as shift registers?

Can i see the schematic of this? that would be a great help Thanks!!

In arduino playground it suggests we use resistors, because it might break, so do you have to because i dont have enough resistors?

Is it possible to use an Arduino Uno in making this project?
Thanks and Good day.

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