video Pong with 8x8 Led Matrix on Arduino
Game Pong created with 8x8 Led Matrix on Arduino Diecimila (microcontroller Atmel ATMega 168). For more informations http://blog.bsoares.com.br/arduino/ping-pong-with-8x8-led-matrix-on-arduino
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stu.tg7 months ago


This link doesn't seem to be working? Could you post the source code please?

Bah, the site with the code 404s now. Did anyone grab it?
bsoares (author)  captainreliable5 years ago
I am changing the server, will soon be in the air.
steinamo bsoares10 months ago

Soon? Four years ago already... :(

Eagle199393 made it!1 year ago


bsoares (author)  Eagle1993931 year ago


Rana4201 year ago
hii, i tried to make but its showing some random pattern on the matrix but not the game ......... please help me out.
You may have the matrix plugged in upside down on the circuit board.
This was the case when I assembled the circuit board first time.
lovelyazka1 year ago
how if im add AI (artificial intelegent) for this game ? and made this 3 level easy,medium and hard ? and i think this is COOL !!!
gzhang14 years ago
would you please show the diagram that how you connect the pin of the matrix to the Arduino?
bsoares (author)  gzhang14 years ago
Hello, pins configuration here: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/DirectDriveLEDMatrix
kierst bsoares1 year ago
Did you use that pin configuration to make this ping pong game?. or it is just a basis for the project?.
Do we need any complex circuitry such as shift registers?
bsoares (author)  blinkyblinky3 years ago
kierst1 year ago
Can i see the schematic of this? that would be a great help Thanks!!
clayman9872 years ago
In arduino playground it suggests we use resistors, because it might break, so do you have to because i dont have enough resistors?
Is it possible to use an Arduino Uno in making this project?
Thanks and Good day.
bsoares (author)  thequeenofhearts2 years ago
Sir where is the potentiometer connected?. I can't see it by just looking at your picture. Thanks and Good day.
mattglas3 years ago
can you please tell me how to attach the controllers to the arduino? if you can that would be great
mpinner3 years ago
This is great!

I made it last night. The LED mapping took a minute, but it is a great project to better understand these LED matrices.

I ended up resistoring all my column pins... Seems not required as they're getting flashed pretty fast... any thoughts on this?

thanks, matt
Jongleur3 years ago
This is great! I just thought of doing this same project on a larger scale, and now I find your instructable! I am planning on doing this with 6x8 of these 8x8 units. I just have to figure out how to get that many I/O lines from my Duemillanove, or how to multiplex the I/Os.
Research how to use Shift Registers ;)

They allow you to do many things, as well as what you need to make use of more pins:

Feed in the data through one pin as a series of on and off pulses, and then output it through 8 pins of the chip which can each be connected to one of the pins on the matrix.
wow great work
the seaker4 years ago
This is by far the coolest thing ive seen with a matrix! nice job! one suggestion for future updates is adding a score keeper, maybe with a lcd screen or 7 segment leds! that would make it just that much better
bsoares (author)  the seaker4 years ago
will this work the same way on a bigger matrix like 16x16 or bigger
bsoares (author)  hightekrednek23964 years ago
will need to change a few lines in the code
godofal5 years ago
please post the code :D
and the schematics if u have them
i wanna make one :D
bsoares (author)  godofal5 years ago
Godofal Olá, você pode obter o código no meu blog (http://blog.bsoares.com.br/arduino/ping-pong-with-8x8-led-matrix-on-arduino). o esquema não. Mas creio que as explicações dadas no blog agora para construir o seu próprio. :)
godofal bsoares5 years ago
erm, im not spanish(if thats the language)
godofal godofal5 years ago
anyway, ive checked the link, and it looks nice, gonna test it as soon as i can get a led matrix :)
bsoares (author)  godofal5 years ago
godofal bsoares5 years ago
wow, its great :D
some minor grammar errors, and it cant translate one word (astes, wich are the bats i presume)
but its very readable :D

il make one when im done  with all the projects im building atm XD
eshneto godofal5 years ago
 That's because "astes" does not exist in portuguese. I've  read the text and I bet the author meant "haste".
it also mentions somebody's mother a few times which makes for some interesting reading
zapedy5 years ago
 could someone write an instructable on how to make this?
PeckLauros5 years ago
Gostei muito. Pena ser complexo demais para um simples curioso. Parabens
bsoares (author)  PeckLauros5 years ago
Pô, vou te contar que sou um simples curioso! trabalho com programação e gosto de eletronica, nunca fiz um curso nem nada muito formal, só curiosidade mesmo.
TheFawns5 years ago
 THATS AWESOME!!!!! i wish i could do that :D haahaa dude that takes serious skills to do that...
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