My daughters love their little plastic ponies. They love to display them and take with when they leave the house. That was my inspiration for this project. A display shelf for little 3 inch plastic ponies that converts to a carrying case.

Materials needed for this project are:

six 1x4x9 inch boards

four 1x4x10 inch boards

Scrap pieces of paneling or 1/4 inch plywood


drawer pull that fits the child's hand


You can adjust the project based on scrap you have around or just get some 1x4's.

Step 1: Sand and Assemble

Sand the 1x4's and dry fit.

Ensure all fit nicely, trim if necessary

Ensure there are no rough spots, to reduce the chance of splinters.

Step 2: Glue and Fasten

My favorite way to join two pieces of wood is with glue and biscuits. I use a few staples to hold the piece while it dries. Not everyone has a plate joiner in their workshop, but there are plenty of other methods to fasten the boards to each other.

Glue and screws work great. Just be sure to pre-drill the holes and counter sink the heads.

Finish nails and glue would work well too. Again, just be sure pre-drill the holes.

As you are fastening, be certain the pieces remain square. Take a diagonal measurement from each corner and the number should be the same if they are square.

Step 3: Attach Paneling

Measure and cut the paneling to fit the back of each shelf piece. I used my table saw to cut to size, however, a circular saw, jig saw or hand saw will work too.

Attach the paneling. I used small staples with my pneumatic stapler. Small nail would work just as well.

Step 4: Putty and Paint

Use paintable wood putty to fill in all nail and screw holes. Let dry, then sand.

Paint. I used white on the inside, then brown on the outside. Let dry.

Step 5: Attach Hardware

Add your hardware.

For the handle I used a drawer pull that looked like a suite case hand grip.

I used brass hinges and brass latch. Plus, I added brass corners to make it look like old style luggage.

<p>That looks great! Nice and sturdy :)</p>
<p>thanks, yeah it should last a long time.</p>
LOL, at first I thought this was a brony instructible.
<p>Who said it cant be ???</p>
<p>The guy said he built it for his daughters, so I don't think he is a brony.</p>
<p>Yeah, I'm not a brony myself (I had to look up what a brony was), but I think many bronies may enjoy the project.</p>
<p>LOL, they might.</p>
<p>Very nicely done. This looks like a great way to make a little storage case!</p>
<p>Thanks, I'm really happy with how it turned out.</p>

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