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Introduction: Pony Pearls! Hair Elastic/Bracelet

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Form and function come together in this beautiful DIY project for your hair.

Step 1: Materials

Gather scissors, elastic cord, and pearl beads to begin.

Step 2: Anchoring the Cord

You will now need to create a loop and three sections of elastic cord to begin. Cut two pieces of cord. One will need to be twice the length of the second piece. (Desired length depends on wrist size).

To create a loop, fold the longer piece in half,and tie both together. To create the Pony Pearls, you will braid the elastic cord therefore, you will need three sections to begin.

To help make beading easier, anchor down the loop with elastic tape.

Step 3: Before Beading, Begin Braiding!

Before adding the pearls to the cord, braid the cord just a little bit to start off.

Step 4: Braid, Bead, Repeat!

After each time that you fold the chord into a braid, a pearl should be added before the next fold. Repeat this process of braiding and beading.

Step 5: Useful Tip!

To help make the process smoother and quicker, I suggest beading the pearls onto the elastic chords in the beginning and sliding them into the braid after each fold.

Step 6: Tying the Knot!

Once your desired length is reached, tie a knot at the end of the braid. Then take the three strings and separate them to tie another knot around the loop.

Step 7:

To complete your pony pearls, snip the extra cord off at all ends. I burned the edges a bit to prevent fraying. And now it's complete! Enjoy your pony pearls as a beautiful hair elastic/bracelet for any occasion.



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    Oh this so the cutest thing ever!! :D

    Oh my gosh! So cute and so easy! Can't wait to make it!

    It's really pretty, both as bracelet and hair elastic!

    Thank you! Pearls stand out so much.

    This is really pretty! Imagine all the color combos available;white and pink, pea green and light orange, ET cetera... Thanks for the tutorial! One question though;did you use stretchy chord?I always prefer stretch because it can be used for different things.

    1 reply

    Thanks so much! I did use stretchy elastic cord from Singer.