Picture of Poof Dress How-To
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Want a fashionable way to recycle your used bath poofs? This easy How-To will teach you how to make a dress with your old bath buddies!

You will need about 6 or 7 bath poofs. You will also need some fabric.

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Step 1:

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Find the string, cut the strong, and unravel the poof.

Step 2: Measuring

Picture of Measuring
Make measurements around your chest and your waist. Then measure from the top of your chest to the bottom.

Finally, measure from the bottom of your chest, to the length that you want the dress to be.

Step 3: More Measuring

Picture of More Measuring
Picture 9.png
Lay out the fabric and cut a pattern. Then hem the top of your fabric by folding it at 1/2 an inch and then again at 1 inch and then sew.

Step 4: Darts

Picture of Darts
On a form, make some darts with the fabric from the apex to a desired dart amount.
If you do not have a form, put the fabric on your body and pin in the back.

Step 5: Sewing the Darts

Picture of Sewing the Darts
Mark where the darts should start and end. Sew along this line.
After closing the darts, your two pieces of fabric should look like this picture.

Step 6:

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Mark the center of both pieces of fabric and align them.

With right sides together, pin both pieces and sew them.

Step 7: Attaching the Poof strips

Picture of attaching the Poof strips
Pin the first bath strip to hem of skirt piece and sew. Sew with a zig zag stitch.

Step 8:

Picture of
Repeat this method until the dress is covered.

Step 9: Closure

Picture of Closure
Down the center back line you can add a zipper or any closure you prefer.

Once you have finished the closure, you are done!
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Your videos don't seem to embed correctly. You might want to check the code. It doesn't show up at least in IE. Also no video in the "boy shorts" instructable.