Step 2: Method

Step 1 :

Get the piece of paper and scrap it into a round ball as hard as possible , but at the same time keep aware that it dose not get torn.

Step 2

Now open the scrap ball of paper and turn to the other side and scrap or press in to a ball again. Do this again and again about 10 times or until the paper becomes rough and really soft. But in our case the paper was printed using a old inkjet printer with our product logo and name and then done into a ball.

Step 3

When you know its soft enough and rough like a tissue paper then lay it straight and fold it into four. This should look like that in the photo below.

Step 4

Now that you have your tissue paper you can try it out wiping your mouth when you go drink . It should work like a real tissue paper. Also if it does not feel like it then continue step 2.

Congratulation you finished your POOK and ready to be used.
itselex1 year ago
Really innovative,Great ideas come simple